MTP/MPO Cables

Empower Your Network with MTP/MPO Cables for High-Density Applications. They are capable of accommodating multi fibers within a single interface, which largely increases network capacity, saves a lot of space and offers ease of cable management.

  • MTP/MPO trunk cable, MTP/MPO breakout cable, MPO-8, MPO-12, MPO-24, MTP-8, MTP-12, MTP-24 and customized solutions for diverse connectivity requirements
  • Efficient space and cost savings, future-proofing capabilities
  • 100% factory terminated using high-performance machine polishing, 3D metrology testing to ensure a high-quality connector, and high power scopes to eliminate contaminants
MPO patch cord

MTP/MPO Cables at Bonelinks

Bonelinks offers versatile MTP/MPO cable solutions in various types and lengths to meet your specific needs. These solutions deliver high-density connectivity, easy installation, and scalability. MPO stands for “multi fiber push on,” provides 12-fiber capacity, with MTP as the brand name for MPO connectors, with better mechanical and optical performance, often used interchangeably. Our range includes trunk, breakout, 8-fiber, 12-fiber, and 24-fiber MPO/MTP cables, along with custom configurations to suit your unique cabling requirements.

Our MTP / MPO Fiber Optic Cables feature high-quality, precision-built connectors that ensure secure connection for stable transmission with minimal optical loss.

MTP/MPO Breakout Cables

Bonelinks offers MTP/MPO to LC breakout cables, also known as QSFP to SFP cables, harness cables, or fanout cables. These cables are available in 8-fiber, 12-fiber, or 24-fiber configurations, featuring an MTP/MPO connector on one end and four, six, or twelve pairs of LC duplex connectors on the other end. They facilitate a smooth transition from duplex-based (LC) 10G applications to parallel optics-based 40G and 100G applications. These MPO to LC breakout cables establish connections between MPO-based LAN switches and servers and LC-based patch panels and infrastructure. They offer more than 12 times the fiber density within the same footprint as standard LC cables.


Bonelinks offers MPO fiber cables as a cost-effective multi fibers networking solution. These MPO to MPO multi-fiber cables, spanning from 8 to 144 fibers, efficiently handle large data volumes. They are commonly used to connect QSFP+ or QSFP-DD transceivers and high-density patch panels, supporting speeds from 40G to 400G. Each MPO patch cord can feature pinned (male) or unpinned (female) connectors and comes in lengths from one to three hundred meters, with custom lengths available. Alternatively, high-performance MPO fiber optic cables with enhanced MTP and MTP Elite connectors from US Conec are also on offer.

8 Fiber MTP/MPO Cables

8 Fiber MPO/MTP cable systems use the MTP/MPO connector, accommodating eight individual fibers with just two connection points to minimize insertion loss.

8 Fiber MPO to MPO multi-fiber cables (MTP to MTP) are commonly used for high-performance 40G links, crucial with the rise of parallel optics and high-data transmission rates. These cables also simplify backend trunk connections and decrease clutter, cost, and safety hazards.

8 Fiber MTP/MPO to LC Breakout Cables are primarily used to upgrade 10G networks to 40G and 100G. For instance, a QSFP+ transceiver can accept four 10G signals from SFP+ transceivers. This extends infrastructure life, lowers costs, and minimizes setup time. They also help consolidate fibers for higher communication rates when connecting existing fiber panels.

12 Fiber MTP/MPO cables

12 Fiber MPO/MTP Cables make use of the cost-effective multifiber connector, vital for coping with the rising demand for more fibers in high-quality media and communications. These connectors efficiently consolidate numerous fiber strands in a compact design, especially valuable during the transition from 10G to 40G and 100G data rates.

12 Fiber MTP/MPO to MTP/MPO Cables establish connections between high-density fiber patch panels for fiber consolidation. MTP/MPO connectors integrate multiple fiber strands within a single unit, making them ideal for creating 40G (40GBASE-SR4) links, such as those between QSFP+ transceivers connection.

12 Fiber MTP/MPO to LC Cables serve to streamline duplex LC cables, reducing costs and eliminating unnecessary clutter. This MTP/MPO fiber cable is comprised of 12 fibers or 6 duplex channels within each connector. For instance, instead of installing six duplex LC cables, a network administrator can use a single MTP/MPO trunk assembly from multiple SFP+ transceivers without experiencing substantial insertion loss from connecting numerous connectors. These cables also facilitate the transition from 10G to 40G transmission rates, such as a QSFP+ to 4x SFP+ connection solution.

24 Fiber MTP/MPO Cables

24 Fiber MPO/MTP Cables simplify high-density connectivity by accommodating numerous fiber strands within one connector, reducing terminations and associated insertion loss. With growing data rates like 40G and 100G, high-density connectors are essential.

24 Fiber MTP/MPO to MTP/MPO cables primarily establish backend trunk connections between patch panels and networking equipment, ideal for 100G (CXP-100G-SR10) links. They can also aggregate multiple 10G links (10x10GBASE-SR) into a single 100G transceiver for heavy traffic loads.

24 Fiber MTP/MPO to LC Breakout Cables aggregate 10x10GBASE SFP+ to 1x100GBASE-SR4 rates, and MTP/MPO connectors can transmit up to three individual 40G (40GBASE-SR4) links when connected to configured transceivers. They simplify the consolidation of fiber strands to a central location without the need for conversion modules.

Customizable MTP/MPO Cables Assemblies

Bonelinks offers customizable MTP/MPO cable solutions tailored to specific customer requirements. Whether you need custom lengths or breakout configurations, Bonelinks can provide a MTP/MPO cable solution that meets your unique connection needs. Our team of experts can assist in designing and delivering MTP/MPO assemblies that optimize your network infrastructure.

cable length

Custom MTP/MPO Cable Lengths

In precise lengths, such as 1m, 5m, 10m, to fit your connections.

fiber count

Custom MTP/MPO Cable Fiber Counts

Options for 12, 24, or 48 fibers, ect.

MPO connector

Custom MTP/MPO Cable Connector Types

Connector supports female type (without pins) and male type (with pins), available in MPO-MPO, MPO-LC, MPO-SC, etc.


Custom MTP/MPO Cable Polarity

Designed with different polarity options, such as Type A, Type B, or Type C.

MTP/MPO Cable Price

Bonelinks s huge selection of wholesale MTP/MPO fiber optic cables can be used to greatly improve the speed and performance of your network connection. Cheap and Fine. Timely delivery.

MPO Cable Feature

MPO Cable Application

Choose Bonelinks China MPO Fiber Patch Cord

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Affordable prices, top-notch quality, and cost-effectiveness make us a reputable MPO cable supplier exceeding industry standards.

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We offer flexible orders, fast delivery, and comprehensive MTP cables solutions with excellent quality and attractive pricing.

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Simplify project procurement with our one-stop MTP MPO network connection solution, top-notch quality, design support, and customization options for successful fiber optic bids and project success.

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