MPO 24 Fiber Cable

MPO 24 Fiber Cable offers a cost-effective solution for deploying both parallel and duplex fiber optic applications. With twenty-four fibers housed in a single connector, it provides greater density compared to using three MPO-8 connectors or two MPO-12 connectors. This consolidation of fibers reduces the complexity of the installation process and speeds up cleaning and inspection procedures associated with MPO systems. By utilizing the MPO-24 connector, organizations can achieve efficient and cost-effective fiber optic deployments with improved density and streamlined maintenance.

  • The most efficient connector/trunk combination providing lower per port deployment costs compared to MPO-8 and MPO-12 systems
  • High degree of flexibility for all duplex and parallel optical applications
  • Lowers the number of connectors required in a system along with the cleaning and inspection costs associated
  • Enables smaller cable diameters and reduces pathway fill requirements
  • The superior choice for density with more ports per panel that any other MPO option
MPO 24

MPO 24 Fiber Trunk Cable

Generally used for high-density trunk and 100G applications

MPO 24 Fiber Trunk Cables are primarily employed to create robust backend trunk connections between fiber patch panels and various networking devices. These cables excel at handling high-performance data transmission. They are also used to establish 100G (CXP-100G-SR10) links between two CXP transceivers. Additionally, they facilitate multiple 10G links (10x10GBASE-SR) from different SFP+ transceivers to a single 100G transceiver, efficiently managing the traffic load. The versatility of 24 Fiber MPO Cables makes them a valuable solution in various networking scenarios requiring reliable and high-speed connections.

MPO 24 Fiber Trunk Cable At Bonelinks

singlemode 8 cord MPO patch cable

MPO 24 Fiber OS2 Trunk Cable

MPO 24 Fiber OS2 Trunk Cable features MPO-24 connectors, OS2 yellow jacket for easy identification. MPO(Female)-MPO(Female) connector. Type B polarity for 100G/400G connection.Optional MTP® connectors, custom lengths, and polarity configurations offer flexibility and compatibility for diverse networking needs.

8 12 24 fiber MPO patch cable

MPO 24 Fiber OM3 Trunk Cable

MPO 24 Fiber OM3 Trunk Cable saves space with 24 fibers in one connector. It features premium OM3 MPO-24 female connectors and utilizes OM3 multimode fiber and is suitable for 100GBASE-SR10 link. 0.6dB Standard & 0.35dB Elite low loss options.Type A polarity for 100GBASE-SR10 link.Custom configurations available.

om4 MPO to MPO fiber patch cord

MPO 24 Fiber OM4 Trunk Cable

MPO 24 Fiber OM4 Trunk Cable features premium OM4 MPO-24 female connectors and utilizes OM4 multimode fiber for optimal performance. It is suitable for establishing a 100G link (CXP-100G-SR10) between two CXP transceivers or multiple 10G links (10x10GBASE-SR) from various SFP+ transceivers to a single 100G transceiver.

MPO 24 Fiber Breakout Cable

Generally used for 10G to 100G migration and high-density intra-patch panel applications to consolidate 24 LC ports into one MPO port

MPO 24 Fiber Breakout Cables are frequently utilized to aggregate 10x10GBASE SFP+ connections into a single 100GBASE-SR4 link. MPO connectors have the capability to support up to three separate 40G (40GBASE-SR4) links when connected to appropriately configured transceivers. Another application is consolidating individual fiber strands into a centralized location without the need for conversion modules like fiber cassettes. This allows for efficient and streamlined fiber management.

MPO 24 Fiber Breakout Cable At Bonelinks

MPO to LC 24 Fiber 9/125 Single Mode OS2 Breakout Cable

MPO 24 Fiber breakout cable
9/125 Singlemode OS2

MPO To LC 24 Fiber 9/125 Single Mode OS2 Breakout Cable features an MPO connector housing 24 fibers, which breaks out to 24 duplex LC connectors. It can be used to connect 12 SFP+ modules to an MPO adapter panel and MPO trunk. Yellow jacket allows fast, easy identification in a crowded switch or patch panel.

24 MPO breakout OM3 cable

MPO 24 fiber breakout cable
OM3 50/125

MPO To LC 24 Fiber OM3 50/125 Breakout Cable accommodates 24 fibers in a single connector, allowing for high-density connections. On the opposite end, it fans out to 24 LC connectors, following a rollover “Type B” polarity. OM3 rated 50/125 Multimode. Available in elite MTP and discrete premium connector.

MPO to LC 24 Fiber OM4 50/125 Breakout Cable

MPO 24 fiber breakout cable
OM4 50/125

MPO To LC 24 Fiber OM4 50/125 Breakout Cable features MPO connector, accommodating 24 fibers, fanning out to 24 LC connectors. Commonly used for aggregating 10x10GBASE SFP+ to 1x100GBASE-SR4 rates.For next-generation 400G QSFP-DD transceivers.Custom configurations available.

MPO 24 Fiber Cable Price

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