Fiber Optic Splice Tray

Fiber optic splice tray is a tray that can be used to hold multiple cores of fiber optic splices and can be installed in communication equipment such as fiber optic terminal boxes, fiber optic distribution boxes, racks, fiber optic joint boxes, fiber optic terminal boxes and fiber optic closures. In order to reduce the weight of the fusion tray, ensure the stability of outdoor use of mechanical and save operating costs, the general use of ABS plastic by injection molding to produce a single piece of core for 12 or 24 core fiber optic fusion tray. Through the production of reserved locking design, the fusion tray can be easily stacked to achieve the purpose of optical communication equipment core expansion. Depending on the installation environment, Bonelinks can provide not only mini 12 core splice trays for replacing or expanding the number of cores in small joint boxes or distribution boxes with less space, but also 24 core splice trays with flame retardant properties for fiber splicing in data centers in server rooms, and 24 core splice trays for splicing drop cables in FTTH joint boxes, thus helping customers to get the most complete application solution and the most suitable product choice.

Temperature Range


-45℃ to 110℃ (-49°F to 230°F )


-45℃ to 110℃ (-49°F to 230°F )


-45℃ to 110℃ (-49°F to 230°F )

Mechanical Properties

Plastic Material



12 or 24


0.15 to 0.45

Pcs per Carton



10 years

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