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RoHS Certificated Fiber Optical Patchcable Supplier

8 years fiber optical patchcord manufacture make the company build a complete quality control system from a private own SC connector module to Six-sigma management.

Quality primary is the first elements of manufacture and raw material checking. Company not only owns fiber optical patchcord’s connector module to control each connector color aberration and connection accurateness. Each patchcord, fiber connector, and attenuator can be traced its production details. Own indoor cable manufacture plant ensures cable’s tolerance, fiber, kevlar and jacket to meet different requirements.

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Bonelinkes Product Series

Smart City

Fiber Cable Series

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Modern commercial buildings have superior requirements for network speed and volume at work. Week current backbone cabling is widely adopted for strict network needs. Let’s check series of smart city backbone network construction products.

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Fiber to the Home

Fiber Optical Patch Cable Series

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As family equipping more and more intelligent electronic products. Fast network is hugely required for daily usage. To bring fast internet into each family needs to make them have ports accessing telecommunication network. Let’s check series FTTH products.

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Data Center

High Density Series

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Facing tens of thousands data needing to collect and deal with everyday at certain unit or building, to maximize utilizing limited space and providing refrigeration for data center construction are the main solution nowadays. Let’s discover series of High Density project series products.

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Really appreicate you guys hardwokring and supports. Very good understanding and in time communication for any problems.

Darren Nesbit

Delivering products in time. My men catch time to splice all fibers before completion.

Anthony Huson

Most fibre optics items can be found here and technical support are good.

Craig Rosario

They were good to make unstandard cable as required and delivered it fast. Hope you guys do much good work in future.

David Macland

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