Plug-In PLC Splitter

Specialized for plug and play fiber splitter application.

  • Available options: 1xN and 2xN Plug-In PLC splitters
  • Low Insertion Loss and Low PDL
  • High Return Loss and Good Repeatability
  • Wide Wavelength Range
  • Compact Design
  • Easy and Low Cost FTTH installation
  • Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209

Best Selling Plug-In PLC Splitter

Bonelinks offers a variety of 1xN and 2xN PLC splitters in plug-in type. Their compact structure and small volume make them convenient for use in various places, such as 19-inch racks, cross-connect cabinets, and other devices. Our fiber splitters offer outstanding optical performance and reliability, meeting GR-1221-CORE and GR-1209-CORE specifications.


Plug-In PLC Splitter 1×2

1×2 PLC Fiber Splitter, Plug-In Type, Uniform Signal Distribution


Plug-In PLC Splitter 1×4

1×4 PLC Fiber Splitter, Plug-In Type, Uniform Signal Distribution


Plug-In PLC Splitter 1×8

1×8 PLC Fiber Splitter, Plug-In Type, Uniform Signal Distribution


Plug-In PLC Splitter 1×16

1×16 PLC Fiber Splitter, Plug-In Type, Uniform Signal Distribution


Plug-In PLC Splitter 1×32

1×32 PLC Fiber Splitter, Plug-In Type, Uniform Signal Distribution

Plug-In PLC Splitter at Bonelinks

We provides a whole series of 1×N and 2×N Plug-In PLC splitters that are tailored for specific applications.

PLC Split Ration--1×21×41×81×161×321×641×1282×22×42×82×162×322×64
Operating Wavelength(nm)1260 ~ 1650
Insertion LossMAX(P/S)(dB)3.8/4.07.0/7.410.5/10.713.6/13.916.6/16.921/21.524/24.54.0/4.37.4/7.610.7/11.014/14.517.5/1821.4/21.9
Return LossMIN(dB)55
Fiber Type--ITU-T G657A1 , G657A2
Temperature Stability(-40~85℃)MAX(℃)(dB)0.5( Typical 0.3 )
Operating Temperature(℃)-40 ~ 85
Storage Temperature(℃)-40 ~ 85

Plug-In PLC Splitter Price and New Catalogue


Plug-In Type PLC Splitter

Plug-in type PLC splitter used to distribute or combine optical signals in FTTH deployment

Plug-In PLC Fiber Splitter

The plug-and-play PLC fiber splitter allows fast fiber deployment without splicing machines, saving time and space while ensuring reliable fiber optic cable protection. Typically installed in wall mount FTTH boxes for fiber signal distribution.



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Affordable prices, top-notch quality, and cost-effectiveness make us a reputable Plug-In PLC splitter supplier exceeding industry standards.

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