Special Fiber Optic Cable

Special Fiber Cable

To cater to specific environments, certain areas demand fiber optic cables with unique structures and materials. For instance, air blown micro fiber optic cable is generally used in FTTH network as a feeder section, using air blowing laying to connect the optical branch point and user access point. For mining fiber cable, it must possess flame retardant and anti-rodent properties to thrive in the challenging conditions of mines. Tactical fiber optic cable are fiber optic cable that is designed specifically for use in military field operations and complex environments that requires rapid wiring or repeated retracting and use conditions. Also, some outdoor application for fiber cable is also needed to be anti termite and anti birds to protect itself from damages. Every special fiber cable is necessary for the specific application. Bonelink can help you on different fiber optic communication network. If you need expert advice, please Contact Us.

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