About Bonelinks

Bonelinks is a manufacturing company focusing on communication services. Based on the connection of signal receiving terminals and information data through GPON or EPON access network technology, Bonelinks provides turnkey solutions including optical cable structure design and development, application deployment and system integration. Our business covers a wide range of areas, including data centers, FTTR, FTTH, FTTB, OPS, ISP, power transmission, submarine transmission, and duct transmission.

Core Business

We’ve been iterating and innovating for more than 10 years – now we’re creating the next one.
We help you increase efficiency, reduce cabling labor costs, and adopt easier innovations in a world of connected data.
We enjoy what we do, and we’re good at it.

Plants and Facilities

Welcome to Bonelinks, the leading fiber Optic Products manufacturer in China. We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art factory and witness our exceptional production capabilities firsthand.

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Meeting Our Exceptional Fiber Optic Team

Get to know us

Our outstanding team comprises skilled experts specializing in the world of fiber optics. From technical support to meticulous material inspection and quality assurance, our professionals are your backbone, offering value-added services that ensure tranquility in your fiber optic operations.


Meticulous Attention

Every fiber optic product and solution undergoes meticulous attention. We prioritize each detail to meet your connectivity needs and exceed your expectations.

Accountable Partners

We don’t just serve clients; we forge partnerships. With a strong sense of responsibility, we embrace your goals as our own, prioritizing the success of your fiber optic ventures.

Unrivaled Performance

Fiber optics demand swift responses, and our team delivers. Years of seamless collaboration across departments result in remarkable efficiency, addressing your fiber optic concerns promptly.

Decades of Fiber Expertise

From adept sales consultants to skilled FAE technicians, the Bonelinks team boasts decades of collective experience in delivering comprehensive fiber optic services. Trust in our seasoned fiber optic proficiency.

We Believe

No matter how many challenges lie ahead, we will approach them with enthusiasm and intelligence and win each one with innovation, resourcefulness, creativity and sound management. It’s all about achieving our vision and mission.

Our Mission

Become a first-class solution provider in the optical communication industry

Our Vision

Making it easy to connect to the Internet in every corner of the world

Our Orientation

By consistently delivering consistent quality and persistent innovation, we are able to drive the success of our customers

Our Pursit

By consistently delivering consistent quality and persistent innovation, we are able to drive the success of our customers

A supplier provides products,
but we care about your business.

If you do not find fiber optic products that can meet your requirements, please contact us as we might have a solution available.

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