Armored Fiber Cable Stripping Tool

The cable stripper is a specialized tool designed for cutting armored cable jackets. It’s perfect for use with various types of armored cables, including feeder cables, central tube cables, stranded cables, and any cables with a diameter ranging from 8mm to 28mm (0.315 inches to 1.102 inches). This tool is ideal for professional use.

Armored Fiber Cable Stripper

Armored fiber optic cable stripping tool is a high-quality tool designed for cutting through the tough armor layers of various cables, including Fiber Feeders, Central Tubes, Stranded Loose Tube fiber optic cables, and other armored cables made of copper, steel, or aluminum. This versatile tool can also be used to slit the jackets or shields of non-fiber optic cables.

With the armored cable stripper, you can effortlessly cut both the outer PVC jacket and armor layer in a single operation. It can perform longitudinal slitting and circumferential (ringing) for stripping the cable ends. Plus, you can easily prepare the cable mid-span by rotating the blade 90 degrees using the blade lever. This tool simplifies the process of ringing and slitting cables, making it a valuable choice for professionals.

Features of Armored Fiber Cable Stripping Tool

  • Adjustable to fit cable diameters from 8 mm (0.315 in.) to 28.6 mm (1.125 in.)
  • Blade depth can be adjusted up to 5.5 mm for various cable jackets
  • Includes a cable guide wheel for stability and smoother tool movement
  • Made from durable anodized aluminum and steel

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