Armored Fiber Patch Cable Anti-Rodent SC to FC

SC to FC patch cable is a passive harness that is pre-terminated at one end of a singlemode or multimode fiber optic cable with an SC fiber optic connector, and pre-terminated at the other end with an FC fiber optic connector, which is designed and manufactured for signal transmission at different transmission interfaces inside indoor transceivers, optical modules, distribution boxes, racks, etc. Singlemode FCUPC connectors generally use a black end sleeve, while APC contact endfaces generally use a green end sleeve to identify the difference. Since the FC connector uses a metal inner spiral housing to clamp the connected adapter, the tensile force of the whole SC to FC patch cable should reach at least 150N to ensure that the FC connector will not separate from the single-core fiber optic cable when used in the installation, especially when encountering strong tension.

Bonelinks can not only produce custom lengths of SC FC patch cords and different fiber cores on request, but also provide anti-rodent armored cable pre-terminated SC and FC connectors for data room environments to ensure the stability of indoor signal connection and transmission. Each finished SC FC patch cable is end-cleaned and loss tested to ensure good performance. When projects have stringent requirements for patch cord loss and physical properties, Bonelinks can also test patch cord connector radius of curvature, vertex offset and fiber height to ensure that each patch cord is a high quality output.

Patchcord Type

Singlemode or Multimode

Patchcord Cores

Simplex or Duplex



Connector Endface


Operating Wavelength (nm)


Fiber Type


Patchcord Color

Yellow or Blue

Cable Jacket


Length (m)

From 0.5 to 10

Output Length (m)

From 0.5 to 10

Temperature Range


-40℃ to 70℃ (-40°F to 158°F )


-40℃ to 85℃ (-22°F to 185°F )


-40℃ to 85℃ (-40°F to 185°F )

Mechanical Properties

Insertion Loss (dB)

Typical Values≤0.3; Max Values≤0.35

Mating (times)


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