LGX PLC Splitter

Enhanced Protection For Your Fiber Network.

  • Standard LGX Metal Box
  • Fits any LGX size panel and many popular panels
  • SC simplex or LC duplex ports
  • Low Insertion Loss and Low PDL
  • High Return Loss and Good Repeatability
  • Wide Wavelength Range
  • Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209
1x4 LGX PLC splitter

Best Selling LGX PLC Splitter

LGX-sized PLC splitters are ideal for rack installations, suitable for central office and CATV headend locations. The LGX boxed splitters feature SC or LC optical connectors with UPC or APC polishing and use 2.0mm fibers preterminated with SC or LC connectors. They are housed in aluminum casings with ABS capsules. Configuration options include up to 1×16 for LGX 1U type splitters (or 1×32 for LGX 2U type splitters on special order).

1x4 LGX PLC splitter

LGX PLC Splitter 1×4

Standard LGX Cassette, 1×4 PLC Optical Splitters, Singlemode, SC/APC Connector, Uniform Signal Distribution

1x16 LC LGX PLC splitter

LGX PLC Splitter 1×16

Standard LGX Cassette, 1×16 PLC Optical Splitters, Singlemode, SC/APC Connector, Uniform Signal Distribution

Advantages of LGX PLC Splitter
Over Other Types of Fiber Optic Splitters

1u lgx plc splitter

LGX PLC Splitter at Bonelinks

We provide a range of LGX PLC splitter designed for various applications. Our fiber splitter products offer outstanding optical performance and reliability, meeting GR-1221-CORE and GR-1209-CORE specifications.

lgx box plc splitter

Bonelinks offers LGX PLC splitters featuring mini steel tube type 1×4, 1×8, and 1×16 PLC splitters with loaded adapters. The module includes SC/UPC, SC/APC, LC/UPC, or LC/APC PLC splitters and adapters, providing flexibility for various PON systems.

Moreover, our modularly designed splitter cassette module has a standard hole-to-hole mounting footprint, making it compatible with LGX fiber patch panels, enclosures, LIUs, termination boxes, and more. This versatile design ensures easy and seamless integration into different network setups.

LGX PLC Splitter Specification

We provides a whole series of 1×N and 2×N LGX PLC splitters that are tailored for specific applications.

PLC Split Ration--1×21×41×81×161×321×641×1282×22×42×82×162×322×64
Operating Wavelength(nm)1260 ~ 1650
Insertion LossMAX(P/S)(dB)3.8/4.07.0/7.410.5/10.713.6/13.916.6/16.921/21.524/24.54.0/4.37.4/7.610.7/11.014/14.517.5/1821.4/21.9
Return LossMIN(dB)55
Fiber Type--ITU-T G657A1 , G657A2
Temperature Stability(-40~85℃)MAX(℃)(dB)0.5( Typical 0.3 )
Operating Temperature(℃)-40 ~ 85
Storage Temperature(℃)-40 ~ 85

LGX PLC Splitter Price and New Catalogue

1x16 LC LGX PLC splitter

LGX PLC Splitter

The PLC splitters are enclosed in an international standard-sized module and installed within a rack mount LGX chassis.

LGX PLC Splitter

LGX PLC splitters combine the splitter with an LGX type module, making them versatile for standalone use or with fiber optic patch panels. The sturdy metal body ensures protection for internal components, while pre-terminated adapters on the LGX box facilitate easy connections to external equipment.

lgx cassette plc splitter



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