Dome Fiber Splice Closure 32 Fiber

Fiber Optic Dome Closures (FODC) offer a versatile way to splice and safeguard outdoor fiber connections in a dome shape. This vertical/dome fiber optic splice closure, designed for outdoor pole or building installation, contain 4 splice trays, each holding up to 8 splices.

Heat Shrinkable Type Vertical/Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure Capability up to 32 Fibers

Vertical (Dome) fiber optic splice closures are constructed with high-quality engineering plastics. Bonelinks offers various port types, fittings, and fiber core options for these closures. This dome type closure can house up to 32 single fusion fiber splices.

Dome Fiber Splice Closure Key Features

  • Robust engineering plastic shell for durability
  • Strong mechanical performance
  • Excellent resistance to aging
  • Outstanding sealing capability
  • Can withstand harsh conditions like vibration, impact, cable tension, and temperature variations
  • Simple installation and opening without the need for special tools
  • Reusable components for airtight waterproofing

Dome Fiber Splice Closure Key Applications

  • aerial
  • direct-buried
  • wall-mounting
  • duct-mounting

Dome Fiber Splice Closures

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Sealing structure

Shinkreable sealing

Splice qty

4x splice tray for 8 splices
Total: 32 splices

Entry qty

3 round entries 16 mm

1 oval entry 25 x 40 mm


30 x 18 cm

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