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A supplier provides products,but we care about your business.

We are strong at designing and recommending the most suitable cable for your requests.
Are you looking for products or a solution?
A solution is a combination of products and services that are compatible with your application environment and needs.
Are you looking for products or value?
The greatest value is created by products that enable easy installation, convenient operation, reliable performance, tailor-made solutions and continuous stable support.

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6 Key Reasons to Choose Us

Reliable Fiber Optic Cables&Fiber Optic Splitters&Fiber Patch Cord From Bonelinks

Rich Industry Experience

More than 11 years fiber optic cable production extending to fiber optic splitter and fiber patch cord to meet flexible requirements at cabling system.

Technical Support

To identify fiber optic cable, fiber optic splitter, fiber patch cord structure or technical parameters as well as application performance, our technicians will be on your back.

Visual Production

From raw material preparation to finished products, manufacturing processes will be shown for supervision and inspection.

Industry Rule Focus

Our main market is at Euro and North America, we understand local structure cabling policies and criterions in fiber optic cable, fiber optic splitter and fiber patch cord business.

All Customers Serve

Whatever you are telecom operator, cabling contractor, passive products distributor or retailer, we may provide customization service for different meets.

Easy Contact

Our sales and technical team have been in cabling system years. You may reach them easily and get satisfied replies.

About Bonelinks

Bonelinks is one of the leading manufacturers of indoor and outdoor fiber optic cables and other passive components for telecom operators, contractors, engineers and distributors, and has 10 years of experience in manufacturing overhead, buried, duct and indoor fiber optic cables. We are proud to say that every meter of fiber optic cable, every patch cord, and every optical splitter produced by Bonelinks provides the most stable, fast, and reliable network connectivity for our customers.

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