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There are two types of optical cable splitter: FBT (Fused Biconical Taper) and PLC (Planar Light-wave Circuit). 

Bonelinks manufacture both FBT and PLC splitter. Our prices are competitive and we provide OEM services. All of our products come with a 100% quality assurance guarantee, ensuring that you receive the best possible products and services.

PLC optical splitter

Recent years have seen a surge in popularity for PLC splitters, thanks to their compact design, low loss, and dependable performance. In comparison to FBT splitters, PLC splitters are more versatile and scalable, making them ideal for modern fiber-optic networks.

PLC optical splitter is an essential component in optical fiber links, capable of dividing one or two incoming optical signals into multiple output signals. It is a passive device that is ideal for connecting equipment in FTTX, EPON, GPON, and other passive optical networks.

Fibre optic cable splitter For Sales

Bonelinks offers a comprehensive range of 1xN and 2xN fiber splitters, with splitting ratios ranging from 1:8 to 1:64 and 2:8 to 2:64. Our PLC splitters come in a variety of forms, including bare fiber, blockless, ABS, rack-mount, LGX, and plug-in options.

Our PLC splitters are built to meet industry standards GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE, and we offer both single mode and multimode options with a broad wavelength range.

The FBT splitter is available at Bonelinks, but we don’t advertise it on our website. If you have any needs, please reach out to our team.


PLC Optical Splitter

ABS Box PLC Splitter Pre-terminated with FC, SC, LC, ST Cassette Module

1x2 Bare Fiber PLC Splitter

PLC Optical Splitter

Bare Fiber PLC Splitter without Connector 1×2 1×4 1×8 1×16 1×32 Single Mode


PLC Optical Splitter

Blockless PLC Splitter Mini Steel Tube Pre-terminated with FC, SC, LC and ST, SCUPC and SCAPC

1x4 SC LGX PLC splitter

PLC Optical Splitter

LGX PLC Splitter 19-inch 1U/2U/3U Cabinet Plug and Play Metal Box Module SC, FC, LC Connector


PLC Optical Splitter

Plug-In Box Module PLC Splitter Pre-terminated with SC, LC Connector G657A Card Type

1x16 Rack Mount PLC Splitter

PLC Optical Splitter

Rack Mount PLC Splitter Standard 19″ Cabinet 1U Rack Design 1×8 1×16 1×32 SC LC FC Connector G657A

PLC Splitter Specifications

Fibre optic cable splitter is an important component in an optical network system, allowing for the distribution and management of optical signals. Key parameters of optical splitters include uniformity, insertion loss, return loss, PDL, etc.

for Your Peace of Mind

Customized optical splitter

We are committed to meeting your specific requirements with our comprehensive product customization services. We have the flexibility and expertise to create customized optical splitters based on your needs and our extensive experience.

Customized Materials & Specifications
for optical cable splitter

At Bonelinks, you have the freedom to choose the materials and specifications for your unique fiber splitter requirements.

Applications for GPON splitter

PLC splitters are designed for use in PON networks and are a key component in FTTH Networks. They are used in fiber distribution boxes, racks, and are ideal for fiber optical communication systems, optical fiber CATV, fiber optic amplifiers, fiber optic access networks/LAN, monitoring systems, optical fiber sensors, and more.





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advance machine

Advanced manufacturing equipments

Our advanced manufacturing equipment includes automatic alignment machines, fiber curing equipment, cutting and assembly machines, polishing equipment, ferrule glue injection machines, and insertion/return loss testers.

Competitive price

For bulk purchases, we offer competitive prices to help you save on shipping and purchasing costs.


For retailers, we accept low minimum order quantities (MOQ) with a minimum of 1 km for fiber patch cords.

Fast delivery

Quick lead time and High production capacity, makes sure the most reliable supply.

Experience In The Industry

With over 10 years of experience in the production of fiber optic cables, splitters, and patch cords, we can accommodate the needs of your cabling system.

Quick response

Our 24-hour online customer service is always available to respond to your inquiries, and our professional sales consultants are ready to assist you.

Ensuring Quality With Industry-Certified Inspections

We use state-of-the-art networking equipment to thoroughly test each product to ensure it can be used for the long-term.

comatibility testing

Compatibility Checks

Every transceiver is rigorously tested to make sure it works seamlessly in real-world conditions and connects without any issues.

performance testing

Performance Evaluation

Our tests evaluate the product's optical power, signal quality, temperature and spectrum to ensure it performs optimally.

spec testing

Specs Monitoring

Our ATS system automatically tracks every step of the testing process. Additionally, our reliability and facility calibration equipment guarantee that all specifications are met to industry standards.

The process is easy!

4 Steps to Get Your optical splitter

We can help you design and provide a custom optical splitter with a quick lead time. Our production process is efficient and produces cost-effective and durable fiber optics that are tailored to meet your specific needs.


Specify Your Needs

Speak with our experts to confirm the specifications and custom details of your fiber optic cable. This step can be completed in just one hour.


Confirm And Make Payment

Once all the details are set, make the advance payment. It usually takes one or two days for the payment to reach our bank account.


Production & Inspection

After payment is received, we’ll get started on production and keep you updated. Shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks.


Shipping & Delivery

Before shipping, we’ll send you details of the products and packing. All products will be delivered to the port on the same day.

You ask, we answer

Yes, the price can be negotiated based on the quantity of your order.

A simple plug-in optical splitter is a type of splitter that has no jumper wires and has a direct connection between the ferrule and the adapter. It is different from the conventional type as it does not have a part head or half an adapter.

Of course, we would be happy to help you. Please provide us with more details about your application and we will recommend products that are suitable for your needs.

Yes, we have the ability to offer high-quality OEM/ODM products to our customers. However, there is a minimum order quantity required.

Yes, the box of the splitter can be customized with your company’s logo to enhance brand recognition.

Yes, the fiber splitter can be pre-terminated with FC, SC, LC, and ST fiber connectors to meet your specific usage requirements. Please note that we also offer fiber splitters without connectors.

Yes, we can customize the input and output lengths of the fiber splitter to be as short as 0.5m to minimize internal redundancy.

Yes, we can customize the package tubing to be of different sizes to reduce the equipment’s footprint.

For orders under 100 km, it takes 4-5 days to produce. For orders under 500 km, it takes 7-10 days to produce.

All of our fiber optic splitters undergo thorough testing before production. The splitters are tested for through-light, end-face, and split ratio after pre-terminated connectors are installed. Each port is also tested for attenuation values after the product is produced. Test reports are attached to each product for performance confirmation and quality assurance. In the unlikely event of a quality issue, we will replace the product free of charge.

A supplier provides products,
but we care about your business.

If you do not find a product that can meet your requirements, please contact us as we might have a solution available.

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