FC Fiber Optic Connector

FC fiber optic connector is an optical connector with a threaded body, suitable for high-vibration environments. It is usually used for single-mode fiber and polarization-maintaining fiber, and this type of fiber optic connector can be easily seen on the distribution frame. FC fiber optic connectors are currently mainly used in data communications, telecommunications, measurement equipment, and single-mode lasers.


  • FC Connectors with 0.9mm, 2mm and 3mm Narrow Keys
  • Ceramic Ferrules
  • Strain Relief Boot for 0.9mm, 2mm and 3mm Tubing, Crimp Sleeve, and Connector Cap Included
  • Complies with IEC, TIA and telcordia standards.


  • Storage area networks (SANs)
  • ​High-performance computing
  • Data centers
  • Industrial equipment
  • Military communications​

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Connector Type


Connector Boot Color

Black or Green

Connector Boot Aperture (MM)

0.9 or 2.0 or 3.0

UPC Endface Concentricity (MM)


APC Endface Concentricity (MM)


Connector Endface


Ceramic Ferrule OD (MM)


Ceramic Ferrule ID (MM)


Ceramic Ferrule Stiffiness (HV)


Installation Temperature Range

-40℃ to 70℃ (-40°F to 158°F )

Operation Temperature Range

-40℃ to 85℃ (-22°F to 185°F )

Storage/Transport Temperature Range

-40℃ to 85℃ (-40°F to 185°F )

Insertion Loss (dB)

Typical Values≤0.2; Max Values≤0.3

Mating (times)


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