SC connector

Experience reliability, versatility, and efficiency with our SC connectors.

  • High performance and low insertion loss
  • Broad compatibility with different cable types and diameters
  • Easy and efficient installation process
  • Reliable and durable design for long-lasting connections
sc connector

Best Selling SC Connectors

Bonelinks offers a range of subscriber connector options for different applications, including Standard and Premium Low Loss Grades. Available for single mode UPC, APC, and multimode PC with different boot colors and cable diameters.

aPC 900µm SC Fiber Optic Connector

APC 900µm SC Simplex Fiber Optic Connector Standard Short Boot

0.9mm boot SC UPC Connector

900µm Simplex SC UPC Fiber Optic Connector Standard Short Boot

SCUPC Connector

SC UPC Connector 2.0mm Boot Simplex

SCAPC Connector

Simplex SC APC Connector 2.0mm 3.0mm Boot

duplex 0.9mm 2.0mm SC Fiber Optic Connector

Duplex 2.0mm 3.0mm Boot Multimode SC Fiber Optic Connector With Clip

3.0mm SC Fiber Optic Connector

Simplex Singlemode 3.0mm Boot SC Fiber Optic Connector

SC premium connector

SC Premium Connector Singlemode Multimode Simplex Duplex

sc standard connector

SC Standard Connector Singlemode Multimode Simplex Duplex

one-piece sc apc adapter with flange

One-Piece SC APC Adapter With Flange With Clip Simplex

one-piece sc apc adapter with shutter without flange

One-Piece SC APC Dust Adapter With Shutter Without Flange

SC Fiber Optic Adapter

SC Fiber Optic Adapter UPC APC Duplex With Flange

SC metal adapter

SC Metal Adapter

scupc fast connector

SC UPC Fast Connector

scapc fast connector

SC APC Fast Connector

SC connector

SC Fiber Connector

Reliable, fast, versatile, and push pull latching mechanism

SC Fiber Optic Connector

Experience the unbeatable reliability and exceptional performance of our SC Connectors. Featuring a 2.5mm Zirconia Ceramic ferrule and a push/pull coupling mechanism, these connectors offer a wide range of options for various applications. Trust in our cable connectors for seamless and robust connections in your network infrastructure.

Also, we carry SC fiber optic cables in singlemode and multimode duplex. Choose from our SC to SC, SC to ST, and SC to LC indoor or outdoor SC fiber patch cables.




Connector TypeSC
Connector Boot ColorBlue, Green, Beige
Fiber Cable Type900μm Tight-buffered Cable Recommended
Fiber Cable Size3.0mm or 1.6mm – 2.0mm Jacketed Cable
Ferrule TypeZirconia Ceramic Ferrule
UPC Endface Concentricity (MM)≤0.001
APC Endface Concentricity (MM)≤0.008
Connector EndfaceUPC or APC
Ceramic Ferrule OD (MM)2.499±0.0005
Ceramic Ferrule ID (MM)d+0.001
Ceramic Ferrule Stiffiness (HV)≥1200
Temperature Range
Installation-40℃ to 70℃ (-40°F to 158°F)
Operation-40℃ to 85℃ (-22°F to 185°F)
Storage/Transport-40℃ to 85℃ (-40°F to 185°F)
Mechanical Properties
Insertion Loss (dB)

Typical Values ≤ 0.3

Max Values ≤ 0.3

Polarization-related losses (dB)

Typical Values ≤ 0.1

Max Values ≤ 0.2

Mating (times)≥ 1000

SC Connector – Premium VS Standard Connector

SC Premium and SC Standard ConnectorSC Premium Connector (dB)SC Standard Connector (dB)
Insertion Loss (UPC)0.150.3
Return Loss (UPC)6550

SC Connector – Single mode VS Multimode

SC Singlemode and SC Multimode ConnectorSC Multimode Connector (dB)SC Singlemode Connector (dB)
Insertion Loss0.3 dB average0.2 dB average
Return Loss>40 dB>60 dB

SC Connector – Standard VS Short Boot

standard vs short boot SC connector

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