ST Cable

Experience Unmatched Reliability and Versatility with ST cable.

  • ST compatible bayonet coupling for secure connections
  • Wide range of options: Singlemode (OS) or Multimode (OM), LSZH, Riser or Plenum rated
  • Safe and tested fibre assembly with low insertion loss
  • Customization available through our OEM/ODM service
st fibre patch leads

Best Selling ST Cable

Bonelinks offer a diverse selection of singlemode and multimode ST patch cable, including options such as OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, and OS2. Our cables are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with connectors available in ST/ST, ST/SC, and ST/LC configurations, complying with LSZH, OFNR and OFNP standards.

LC to ST Fiber Optic Patch Cable

LC ST Cable

LC ST Patch Cable is specifically designed to connect devices with LC and ST connectors.A variety of LC ST Patch Cables, including both simplex and duplex options. These cables are available in both single mode and multimode variants.

LC to ST Fiber Optic Patch Cable

multimode duplex LC ST Fiber Cable

LC ST Multimode Duplex fiber patch cable offer high-speed connections with LC and ST connectors. Rugged, reliable, and available in various cable grades for short-distance data transmission.

duplex SC-ST fiber patch cord

single mode SC to ST fiber patch cable

High-quality Single Mode SC ST fiber patch cable designed for long-distance 10Gb Ethernet applications. Durable ceramic ferrule SC connectors, along with stainless steel ST connectors.

LC to ST Fiber Optic Patch Cable OM3 LC-ST

LC to ST fiber patch cable MM

The LC to ST fiber patch cable MM is designed for compact and high-density environments.Available in multimode OM1 (62.5/125), OM2 (50/125), OM3 (50/125) and OM4 (50/125).

LC to ST Fiber Optic Patch Cable OM3 LC-ST

fiber patch cable ST-LC 2mt

Fiber patch cable ST-LC 2mt feature snap-in LC and bayonet-style ST connectors. 2mt cable length. High-quality fiber and ceramic connectors ensure top performance for cabling installs.

LC to ST Fiber Optic Patch Cable

fiber patch cable ST-LC 50 125um 1m length

Upgrade your fiber infrastructure with high-quality fiber patch cable ST-LC 50 125um 1m Length for lower signal loss. Ideal for high-speed data transmission in Ethernet networks.

simplex ST-ST fiber patch cord

ST to ST fiber patch cable

ST to ST fiber optical patch cords are designed with a snap-lock metal connector to ensure a strong bond between the fiber optic cable and connector.Available in both multimode and single-mode versions, and simplex or duplex.

LC to ST Fiber Optic Patch Cable OM3 LC-ST

1m ST-LC fiber patch cable

Experience seamless connectivity with our 1m ST-LC fiber patch cable.1m cable length.ST to LC connectors. Singlemode & multimode, simplex & duplex,LSZH & PVC options.

ST Cable Price

st fibre patch lead

ST Fiber Cable

ST cable stands out with its bayonet twist locking mechanism, high durability, and versatile application options.

ST Fiber Patch Cable

ST cable, or Straight-Tip fiber patch cable, feature a Bayonet twist locking mechanism. With a 2.5mm diameter ferrule, the ST connector was developed by AT&T and gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. It is widely used in fiber optic networks due to its reliability. Unlike the spring-loaded SC connector, it’s important to ensure the proper seating of the ST connector.

ST Cable Feature

ST Cable Application

ST Cable at Bonelinks

Connector (A) (B)ST to LCST to SCST to FCST to STST to MPO
Length1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m or customized
Fiber CountSimplex, Duplex
Fiber CoreOS1 / OS2 / OM1 / OM2 / OM3 / OM4 / OM5
Jacket CompliancePVC / LSZH / OFNP / Armored

ST Cable Specification

Single ModeMultimode/
Insertion Loss (IL)dB<0.3IEC 61300-3-4
Return Loss (RL)dB >50>60>30IEC 61300-3-6
EndurancedBIL<0.2IEC 61300-2-2, coupling and uncoupling 500 cycles, clean every 25 cycles
Operating Temperature°C-20 ~ +70/
Storage Temperature°C-20 ~ +70/

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