ST to ST Fiber Optical Patch Leads

ST fiber optical patch leads are commonly used for connections between patch panel ports loaded with network transmission equipment in the digital multimedia broadcasting system. Due to the snap-lock design of the metal connectors, ST patch leads are typically assembled using indoor 3.0mm OD aramid yarn filled with high tensile strength fiber optic cable in order to provide the strongest possible bond between the fiber optic cable and the connectors. When dual-core ST fiber patch cords are manufactured for dual-channel data transmission, they are marked with a numbered ring on the end of the connector for the same transmission channel so that the wrong port is not connected during installation and construction.

With more than 10 years of experience in patch cord production and processing, Bonelinks has not only accumulated a wealth of experience, but also has a special production line to deal with the urgent demand for products, short production lead time, and complex processing and assembling connector style fiber optic patch cords, in order to maximize the production of patch cords or fiber optic cables to ensure quality and quantity and to arrive at the construction site on time. For this reason, Bonelinks has helped our customers succeed and gained their unwavering support.

Patchcord Type

Singlemode or Multimode

Patchcord Cores

Simplex or Duplex



Connector Endface


Operating Wavelength (nm)


Fiber Type


Patchcord Color

Yellow or Orange

Cable Jacket


Length (m)

From 0.5 to 10

Output Length (m)

From 0.5 to 10

Temperature Range


-40℃ to 70℃ (-40°F to 158°F )


-40℃ to 85℃ (-22°F to 185°F )


-40℃ to 85℃ (-40°F to 185°F )

Mechanical Properties

Insertion Loss (dB)

Typical Values≤0.3; Max Values≤0.35

Mating (times)


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