Fiber Optical Stripper

The fiber optic stripper is a high-quality and user-friendly tool that is extremely helpful for tasks both within the home and on projects. It is a compact handheld tool commonly used by telecommunication and network technicians.

Fiber Optic Stripper

This fiber optic stripper comes with preset factory settings, eliminating the need for any adjustments. Its design is specifically tailored for effortlessly stripping the 250μm buffer coating to reveal the 125μm optical fiber within fiber optic cables.

Feature of Fiber Optic Stripper

  • Our unique design carefully strips away the 250-micron buffer, exposing the 125-micron optical fiber without causing any damage.
  • The blades are precision-ground and hardened, guaranteeing an extended lifespan for the tool.
  • With ergonomic handles dipped in plastic, this tool offers comfortable and user-friendly operation.
Cut Type


Cable Type

Fiber Optic

Strip Diameter

250 micron, 125 micron

Handle Material

TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)

Handle Color


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