Fast Connector SC/APC

The SC/APC fast connector is a ready-to-use connector that you can install in the field without any manual polishing. It uses proven mechanical splice technology to make sure the fibers are perfectly aligned. This connector includes a pre-cleaved fiber stub and a special gel that matches the optical properties, resulting in an instant, low-loss termination.

SC/APC Type A Single Mode 0.9/2.0/3.0mm Pre-polished Ferrule Field Assembly Connector Fast/Quick Connector

The Fast Connector SC/APC offers a simplified solution for fiber optic connections, thanks to its compact design and ability to be reused. It facilitates hassle-free on-site installations while ensuring secure connections to the optical core. This APC fiber connector is a prevalent choice in FTTH and CATV networks, where it enhances broadband connectivity and optimizes network performance. Its portability, reusability, and user-friendly nature make it an invaluable tool for technicians, enabling them to establish dependable and efficient connections. The Field Installable SC APC Fast Connector simplifies the process, making it effortless to achieve optimal fiber optic connections.

Fast Connector SC/APC Features

  • New unique design, installation without the need for glue injection or grinding
  • Embedded structure for easy operation
  • Pressing welding structure with V groove alignment
  • Up-down opening wiring and pressing clip structure
  • Short screw boot for secure locking function
  • Suitable for use in FTTH, CATV, LAN, and CCTV applications
  • Compatible with SC APC connectors for 2.0mm and 3.0mm fiber cables
  • Low insertion loss and high return loss
    Fast connector scapc 90 degree protection Fast connector scapc length options Fast connector scapc low IL Fast connector scapc structure

Fast Connector SC/APC Application

The Fiber Fast Connector is a passive device used for creating uninterrupted optical connections by linking optical fiber cables. It finds extensive applications in fiber optic transmission, fiber patch panels, and optical fiber testing instruments.

It is commonly employed in various sectors, including CATV, telecommunication networks, metro networks, local area networks (LAN), and data processing networks.

How to Assembly Fast Connector SC/APC

  • Begin by threading the screw boot through the fiber cable. Then, use a 3-in-1 fiber stripping pliers to remove the outer jacket of the cable.
  • Next, check the stripping scale of the fiber coating.
  • Use a cleaning paper with sanitizer to thoroughly clean the exposed bare fiber.
  • Place the cable into the cable clamp and use an optical cleaver to trim any excess bare fiber according to the stripping scale.
  • Carefully insert the bare fiber into the fast connector body and verify its functionality using a fiber checker.
  • Secure the pressing welding clip in place.
  • Attach the outer boot securely.
  • You have now completed the assembly of the fast connector.

Fast connector scapc assembly

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Connector Type






Fiber Mode

9/125μm Singlemode

Cable Diameters




Insertion Loss


Return Loss


Tension Test

900µm 10N, 2.0mm 20N
3.0mm 50N


Storage -40 to 85°C
Operating -20 to 75°C

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