24 Fiber Pre-Loaded Single Mode OS2 SC Slide-Out 1U Fiber Patch Panel

The rack-mount fiber optic patch panel is a high-density fiber distribution unit occupying 1 Rack Unit (1U/1RU). It comes equipped with fiber optic pigtails, LGX SC adapter panels, and 48 fiber splice trays. Additionally, the panel features a smooth-sliding drawer-type pull-out system for convenient access.

24 Fiber, SC Single Mode Fiber Patch Panel Features

Slide-Out Fiber FDU Patch Panel Enclosure

  • Fits up to 24 fiber splices
  • Fits LGX fiber optic adapter panels
  • Includes 48 fiber splice trays
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Made from SPCC steel
  • Smooth gliding pull out system

Singlemode Fiber Optic Pigtails, SC, 24 Strand, 3 Meter

  • Pigtail for tighter spaces.
  • Pre-terminated fiber to reduce installation time and ensure accuracy.
  • 24 single mode SC connectors ready to plug directly into an adapter panel.

Fiber Adapter Plates

  • Steel LGX type adapter plates with black paint
  • SC fiber adapters/couplers
  • Metal clips secure the adapters/couplers in the adapter plates

24 Fiber, SC Single Mode Fiber Patch Panel Contents

  • Slide-Out 1U Fiber Patch Panel Housing
  • Single Mode 3 Meter 24 Fiber SC Jacketed Pigtail
  • 24 Port, SC Single Mode Adapter Panel
  • Blank LGX Adapter Plates
  • 48 Fiber Splice Trays
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