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As a professional FTTH PLC splitter supplier manufacturer & supplier, we specialize in designing, manufacturing FTTH PLC splitters, and providing customized services for our customers!

  • Whole series of 1xN and 2xN fiber splitter
  • All products meet GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE requirements
  • Single mode and multimode available
  • Wide wavelength range
  • Competitive price
  • OEM Service can be provided
  • 100% quality assurance

PLC splitter Product

PLC splitter is one of the most important passive management devices in optical fiber links. It can distribute one or two input optical signals into two or more output optical signals, especially suitable for connecting central office equipment and terminal equipment in FTTX, EPON, GPON, and other passive optical networks to realize optical signal splitting. PLC splitters have a variety of splitting ratios, the most common are 1:8, 1:16, 1:32, 1:64, 2:8, 2:16, 2:32 and 2:64.

PLC Splitter Features


Uniform optic distribution and multiple splitting

The optical signal can be evenly distributed to multiple end users, and the number of channels is as high as 64

compact structure and small size

It can be directly installed in various existing distubition boxes

Low insertion loss, low PDL, high reliability and stability

With excellent optical performance, it can meet various application requirements in different environments

Broad-band(1260~1650nm), insensitive to wavelength

It can meet the transmission needs of different wavelengths

Multi-channel cost is low

The more split channels, the more obvious the cost advantage,very suitable for PON (Passive Optical Network)

PLC Fiber splitter Type

According to the principle of splitting, the optical splitter can be divided into two types: FBT(Fused Biconical Taper) optical splitter and PLC (Planar Light-wave Circuit) optical splitter. With the large-scale construction of FTTH, the market demand for PLC optical splitter as the core component of FTTH continues to grow. PLC optical splitter has a better performance that offers accurate splits with minimal loss in an efficient package. The typical PLC splitter types widely used in optical networks are bare fiber splitter, blockless fiber splitter, ABS fiber splitter, rack-mount fiber splitter, LGX fiber splitter and plug-in fiber splitter.

We also manufacture FBT splitter. Please contact our team if you have any needs.


PLC Splitter

ABS Box PLC Splitter Pre-terminated with FC, SC, LC, ST Cassette Module

1x2 Bare Fiber PLC Splitter

PLC Splitter

Bare Fiber PLC Splitter without Connector 1×2 1×4 1×8 1×16 1×32 Single Mode


PLC Splitter

Blockless PLC Splitter Mini Steel Tube Pre-terminated with FC, SC, LC and ST, SCUPC and SCAPC

1x4 SC LGX PLC splitter

PLC Splitter

LGX PLC Splitter 19-inch 1U/2U/3U Cabinet Plug and Play Metal Box Module SC, FC, LC Connector


PLC Splitter

Plug-In Box Module PLC Splitter Pre-terminated with SC, LC Connector G657A Card Type

1x16 Rack Mount PLC Splitter

PLC Splitter

Rack Mount PLC Splitter Standard 19″ Cabinet 1U Rack Design 1×8 1×16 1×32 SC LC FC Connector G657A

PLC Splitter Specifications

An optical splitter is an optical power management device with multiple input terminals and output terminals, which can realize the coupling, branching and distribution of optical signals in an optical network system, and is the most important part of an optical fiber link. Uniformity, insertion loss, return loss, PDL, etc. are important parameters of optical splitters.

for Your Peace of Mind

Customized Optical Splitter

We go beyond your expectation. Want to make customized optical splitter? With flexibility and expertise being at the core of our comprehensive product customization service, we have a set of processes and services to meet your special requirements. Based on your need and our extensive experience. You name it, we make it!

Customized Materials & Specifications
for Fiber Splitter

No matter what specification for fiber optic splitter, at Bonelinks, You Can Choose Freely For Your Unique Request.

Applications for PLC splitter

The fiber splitter is a passive management component specially designed for PON networks. PLC Splitter Mainly used in fiber distribution boxes, racks. They are key components in FTTH Networks and are responsible for distributing the signal from the central office to number of premises. PLC splitters are widely used in fiber optical communication systems, optical fiber CATV, fiber optic amplifiers, fiber optic access networks/LAN, monitoring systems, optical fiber sensors, etc.





Your Competent FTTH PLC splitter supplier

Innovation, Quality, Service and Responsibility


Strict Quality Inspection with Industry Certifications

With the latest networking equipment, every product is 100% tested to guarantee long-term usage.

comatibility testing

Compatibility Testing

Each transceiver has been tested for compatibility in end-use conditions to ensure interoperability and connectivity.

performance testing

Performance Testing

Various performance testing procedures include optical power testing, optical spectrum evaluation, signal quality testing, and temperature testing.

spec testing

Spec Testing

ATS system is equipped to automatically monitor every step of testing. Reliability & FA facility and equipment calibration ensure standard specs.

The process is easy!

4 Steps to Get Your Fiber Optic Product

We can quickly complete the design you need and provide you with tailor-made products and solutions within a short lead time.

Through our efficient and rigorous production, we produce fiber optics that are cost-effective and durable and apply well to their intended environment.


Specs & Custom

Confirm fiber optic splitter specs and custom details with our experts. This can be all settled within an hour.


Confirm & Payment

After all details are set, make transfer of advance payment. Normally, it takes 1 day or 2 to arrive our bank account.


Production & Inspection

After payment, production will be arranged right away and we’ll keep you updated. Usually it 2-3 weeks before shipping.


Shipping & Delivery

We will send you details of products and packing before shipping. All products can be delivered to the port at the same day.

You ask, we answer

Yes, price is not a problem, everything could be negotiated based on the quantity.

Compared with conventional type, the simple type has no jumper wires, a part head and half an adapter, and the ferrule is directly connected to the adapter.

Yes, of course. It is our pleasure to help you with it. You only need to offer us more details about your application.

Yes, we have strong ability to offer customers ODM&OEM products of highest quality.
And it will require the MOQ.

Yes, the box of the splitter can be customized with a logo to highlight the brand identification.

Yes, fiber splitter can be pre-terminated with FC, SC, LC and ST fiber connectors according to different usage requirements. Please noted that we also provide optic splitter without a connector.

Yes, we can custom produce input and output lengths as short as 0.5m to reduce internal redundancy.

Yes, we can customize the package tubing in different sizes to reduce the footprint of the equipment.

Under 100 km, it takes 4-5 days to produce. under 500 km, it takes 7-10 days to produce.

 All fiber optical splitters are tested before production. The splitter is tested for through-light, end-face and split ratio after pre-terminated connectors. When the finished product is produced, each port is tested for attenuation values and all test reports are attached to each product for performance and as confirmation of Bonelinks’ product quality. If you encounter any quality problems, we replace them with new ones free of charge.

A supplier provides products,
but we care about your business.

If you do not find a product that can meet your requirements, please contact us as we might have a solution available.

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