Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Reel

These tactical fiber optic cables come preloaded on a reel, featuring a robust jacket. They’re purpose-built for outdoor-rated, crush-resistant, and impact-resistant performance, making them ideal for broadcast and pro-audio applications. Our assemblies undergo precision machine polishing and interferometer testing to meet industry standards.

You can choose between single mode or multimode fiber options, with a range of connector choices and various cable lengths to suit your needs.

Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Reel with Connectors

If you need a quick and easy way to set up a temporary network, look no further than our Tactical Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assemblies. These assemblies are ready to go and come on a portable reel for easy installation. Plus, you can roll them up and use them again when needed.

Our tactical fiber is tough and can handle all sorts of situations. Whether it’s being walked on, driven on, used indoors, or outdoors, these assemblies are up to the task. They’re your top choice for temporary connectivity.

What’s more, you can use the same tactical fiber optic cable reel assembly repeatedly. We even offer connector re-termination and polishing services, ensuring that you can keep using this pre-terminated assembly indefinitely.

These assemblies are designed to endure harsh conditions. They feature watertight connectors, crush-resistant cabling, and heavy-duty self-deployment reels. When you place a custom order for a tactical fiber optic cable reel, we build it to your exact specifications, using top-notch materials and meeting rigorous standards.

Please note that tactical fiber cable reel assemblies may include different features to protect and manage cable ends due to varying cable diameters and lengths. These features can include coiling rings, hinged latching doors, or slotted disk dividers for your convenience.

Features of Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Reel

  • Perfect for Remote Production and Broadcasting
  • Durable Stainless Steel Armored Tactical Fiber
  • Equipped with SC Connectors on Both Ends
  • Offers High Impact and Crush Resistance

Applications of Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Reel

  • Remote Video Production and Broadcasting
  • Field Deployment in Challenging Environments
  • Temporary Installation of Essential Communication Lines Requiring Quick Retrieval and Reuse
  • High-Traffic Areas
  • Security and Sensing Applications
  • Installations in Harsh and Demanding Environments

Single Mode or Multimode




100, 250 or 500 meters or customized

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