LC to LC Fiber Patch Cables

LC to LC fiber patch cables is designed and manufactured for use in FTTH or FTTx LAN or data center transceivers, switches. Simplex LC to LC patch cable is generally used for single channel LC port connection, while duplex LC to LC patch cable is used for optical and electrical signal conversion for dual channel gateway device interaction, so as to achieve stable transmission and reception of network signals. Conventional single-mode patch cords generally use single-mode G652D or G657 fiber optic cable to pre-terminate the endface of LCUPC with blue housing or LCAPC with green housing, while multimode LC patch cords use OM2 orange jacket, OM3 aqua jacket or OM4 rose jacket fiber optic cable to pre-terminate the contact end face of LCUPC with beige or aqua green or even rose red, depending on the usage environment. Bonelinks not only supports custom printing on the cable jacket, but also produces different color cable sheaths to meet brand recognition requirements.

Strict control of the endface of the LC connector to achieve the best light signal reflection is only the basic requirement of Bonelinks, all fiber attenuation values, cable tension and sheath fire rating will pass strict control and testing. After all patch cords pass the test, the test value report will be printed and pasted individually on the bag of the patch cords so that the construction and installation can visualize the LC patch cord performance and production time to achieve the optimal link design.

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