Fiber Breakout Cable

Breakout Fiber Cable

Fiber breakout cable is also known as fan-out fiber cable. It is a type of fiber optic cable that contains numerous simplex fibers around a central strength member, each with its own jacket, and then encased by a single common jacket. Because each fiber is individually jacketed and reinforced, the breakout cable can be easily divided into individual fiber lines. Each simplex cable within the outer jacket may be broken out and then continue as a patch cable. This enables connector termination without requiring special junctions, and can reduce or eliminate the need for fiber optic patch panels or an optical distribution frame. Breakout cable requires terminations to be done with simple connectors, which may be preferred for some situations. A more common solution today is the use of a fanout kit that adds a jacket to the very fine strands of other cable types.

Combining strength, flexibility and no need for fan-out kits or tubing when terminating, the rugged breakout fiber optic cable is ideal for indoor and indoor/outdoor applications. Its applications include Inter-building and intra-building voice or data communication backbones. Fiber breakout cables may end up in communication closets, and users can manually change connections. It is also available to be used for direct connection to the device. Moreover, breakout optic cable is suitable for short riser and plenum applications, as well as for use in conduits instead of a splicebox or fiber pigtail. Since fiber breakout cable has a stronger design, it is ideal for industrial applications where ruggedness is needed.

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