Fiber Breakout Cable Indoor Multi Core Micro Optical Cable

GJBFJV breakout fiber optic cable is a branch cable made of multiple sub-cables produced from multi-mode or single-mode fibers, which is often used in data centers with high bandwidth and huge data processing requirements, FTTH hierarchical networks. Breakout indoor fiber optic cable contains several tight-buffered fibers, and kevlar/aramid strength members to stiffen the cable and prevent kinking. Bonelinks can produce breakout indoor fiber optic cable with high grade fireproof sheath, 2 to 48 cores, depending on the usage requirements. Three cable fire ratings, Riser/Plenum/LSZH for your choice to meet different installation environments.


  • Non-metal FRP central strength member,anti-electromagnetic interference
  • Riser/LSZH jacket, used for backbone, horizontal,and intrabuilding runs
  • Perfect for horizontal distribution for fiber-to-the-desk
  • Used in optical connections in optical apparatus and equipment


Building weak well, data center, server room


UV resistance; fire retardant; waterproof

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Cable Cores


Fiber in Cable


Cable Sheath


Dielectric Strength Member


Additional Strength Member

Aramid Yarn

Branch Cable Diameter


Drum length

500m,1000m & 2000m(±3%)

Installation Temperature Range

-20℃ to 60℃ (-68°F to 140°F )

Operation Temperature Range

-20℃ to 60℃ (-68°F to 140°F )

Storage/Transport Temperature Range

-30℃ to 60℃ (-86°F to 140°F )

Crush Resistance

Short Term (600 N/100mm); Long Term (1200 N/100mm)

Min. bending radius

Without Tension (10.0×ODmm); Under Max Tension (20.0×ODmm)

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