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All kinds of FTTH drop fiber optic cables are available. Flat FTTH drop cable and self-support FTTH indoor outdoor fiber optic cable. Small size, lightweight, safe and durable, and it can be installed aerial, underground, or buried.  As a professional FTTH drop cable manufacturer & supplier, we specialize in designing, manufacturing FTTH drop cable, and providing customized services for our customers!

  • Apply in outdoor, indoor FTTH line
  • High flexibility, easy to operation
  • Flame retardant protection
  • Competitive price
  • OEM Service can be provided
  • 100% quality assurance
bow type ftth drop cable

FTTH Drop Cable

FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) networks are installed in many areas covering both indoor and outdoor sections. As an important part of the FTTH network, FTTH drop cable constitutes the final external link between the user and the feeder cable. Selecting the correct FTTH drop cable termination or interconnection solution will directly affect network reliability, operational flexibility, and economics of FTTH deployment. FTTH drop cable is located at the user end. It is usually a small diameter and does not support low span limited fiber count cable. FTTH drop cable can be installed aerial, underground, or buried.

FTTH Drop Cable Type

According to structure, FTTH drop cable can be divided into bow type flat FTTH drop cable and self-supporting FTTH drop cable. According to material, FTTH drop cable can be divided into metal steel wire strength member FTTH drop cable and FRP dielectric strength member FTTH drop cable.

Customized FTTH Drop Cable

For Your Peace of Mind

We go beyond your expectation. Want to make customized FTTH drop cable? With flexibility and expertise being at the core of our comprehensive product customization service, we have a set of processes and services to meet your special requirements. Based on your need and our extensive experience. You name it, we make it!

Customized Materials & Specifications
For FTTH Drop Cable

No matter what specification for FTTH drop cable, at Bonelinks, You Can Choose Freely For Your Unique Request.

FTTH Drop Cable Applications

FTTH drop cable is the last mile fiber optic cable in the FTTH network. It is an idea cabling solution for home network users who need high and reliable bandwidth for some applications, such as video chats and online conversation.

riser plenum cable

Indoor riser level and plenum level cable distribution

FTTH system

 FTTH system


Interconnect between communication equipments

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You Ask, We Answer

Typically, the price per fiber optic cable ranges from $30 to $1000, depending on the type and quantity of fibers: G657A1/G657A2/G652D/OM2/OM3/OM4/OM5, jacket material PVC/LSZH/PE, length, and Structural design and other factors affect the pricing of drop cables.

FTTH drop cable is typically installed by attaching one end to a fiber optic terminal box outside the home or building and running the other end through an entry point, such as a window or wall, into the building.

From there, the fiber optic cable can be connected to an optical network terminal (ONT) inside the building, which allows devices inside the building to access the fiber optic network.

Cabling in buildings refers to installing fiber optic cable in a building or other structure to provide connectivity for telecommunications and networking applications.

In most cases, building cabling involves running the fiber optic cable through the building’s walls, ceilings, and floors to connect various rooms and spaces.

This can be done using various installation methods, such as aerial installation, duct installation, or direct buried installation. The specific method used will depend on the layout of the building and the available infrastructure.

Yes. We have Fujikura, Corning SMF 28e, and other brands fiber to choose from.

Yes. We will have a dedicated process engineer to interface with you to understand the specific situation and give our production advice.


The minimum order quantity of fiber optic cable is 1km. Because the outside diameter needs to be adjusted before producing.
This process will waste dozens of meters of raw material.

Yes. As long as we confirm the Pantone color code, we can produce the sheath color you request.

Yes. We can print company information or logos on fiber optic cables upon request.

Under 100 km, it takes 4-5 days to produce. under 500 km, it takes 7-10 days to produce.

All fiber optic cables will come with a test report. If you encounter any quality problems, we replace them with new ones free of charge.

We have a special laboratory for high temperature, salt spray and vibration testing.

A supplier provides products,
but we care about your business.

If you do not find FTTH drop cables that can meet your requirements, please contact us as we might have a solution available.

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