Aerial Drop Cable Unitube Flat Shape Self Supporting Fiber Optic Cable

Designed for quick installation and ease of handling, GYFXBY aerial flat drop fiber optic cable serves as the last link for the FTTx networks. It consists of 2-24 fibers unitube, 2 parallel FRP strength members, water-blocking yarn and flat outer PE jacket. With compact size, small diameter and easy-to-strip features, GYFXBY can act as a self-supporting aerial solution for those last-mile drops to the home or office.


  • 2 parallel FRP strength member close to the unitube, provides self-supporting and protection
  • Unique flat shape providing excellent crush resistance, applicable to special wedge clamps for installation
  • All-dielectric design, applicable to lightning-prone areas
  • Uni-tube, small size and lightweight, easy for installation


Distribution drop cable, aerial access cable

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