Straight Microduct Air Blown Fiber Optical Cable Connector

Microduct connector is a kind of connection for air-blown fiber optic cable or air-blown miniature fiber optic cable conduit in backbone network construction, to ensure that the air pressure can be stable through the connection without leakage, so as to complete the smooth passage of fiber optic cable in the connection node of the conduit. Microduct connector is mainly composed of transparent visible PC body, seal(EPDM), gaskets(POM), buckle(SUS) and rubber cap. When the end of the air-blown conduit is cut neatly, the two ends of the conduit will be inserted into the microduct connector, and then the conduit will be locked by its automatic latch, which will enable the air pressure to drive the fiber optic cable smoothly through the connection. In addition, Bonelinks can also provide different access aperture conversion connector and conduct plugs to meet different construction and installation needs. Thus, Bonelinks is not only able to produce customized air blown fiber optic cables of various outside diameters, but also provide air blown fiber optic cable connectors to better serve our customers’ needs.

Temperature Range


-45℃ to 50℃ (-40°F to 122°F )


-45℃ to 50℃ (-40°F to 122°F )


-45℃ to 50℃ (-40°F to 122°F )

Mechanical Properties

Body Material


Waterproof Rate


High Pressure Resistance


Applicable Diameter

From φ3 to φ18


Red, Blue, White


Plug and Play

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