Duct Fiber Optic Cable

Duct fiber optic cable is constructed underground and has wide-range applications. We supply duct fiber optic cable with fast delivery. As a professional duct fiber optic cable manufacturer & supplier, we specialize in designing, manufacturing duct fiber optic cables, and providing customized services for our customers!

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gyfta Armored Non-metallic Stranded Loose Tube Duct Fiber Cable

Duct Fiber Optic Cable

Duct fiber optic cable is an optical cable installed directly in the duct (or conduit). Thanks to the protective duct, duct fiber optic cable has great protection for the optical fiber within it and there are no special requirements for optical cable sheathing. Duct fiber optic cables are made of optical fibers in loose tubes. All loose tubes are stranded along a dielectric FRP or steel wire central strength member in the inner sheath, sometimes it also comes with water-blocking materials. All duct fiber cables are constructed underground and are suitable for metropolitan communications and access networks.

Most Required Duct Fiber Optic Cable

Duct cables usually use non-metallic inner/outer sheaths, and some are equipped with double-layer sheaths: a low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) inner sheath and a PE outer sheath. The duct optical cable adopts the design of 1-36 cores (commonly 12 cores), usually with loose tube.

Duct Fiber Optic Cable Applications

Duct fiber optic cable is usually used for access network or user premises network from outdoor into indoor introduction of fiber optic cable, or for integrated cabling in the building into the cable, especially indoor or outdoor overhead introduction of cabling.

Metropolitan Areas

Metropolitan Areas

access network

Access Network

fiber optic FTTH

FTTH Network

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Duct installation must meet the following requirements:

1. The optical cable should be put through the sub-holes in the tube hole before laying. The optical cable should be inserted into the same color sub-tube in 1 hole, and the unused sub-tube mouth should be protected with a plug.

2. During the installation process, the traction force during deployment should be reduced as much as possible. The entire optical cable is laid from the middle to both sides, and personnel is arranged in each manhole to assist in the middle traction.

3. The hole position of the optical cable should meet the requirements of the design drawing, and the pipe hole must be cleaned before installing the pipeline optical cable. The sub-hole tube should expose about 15cm of the remaining length of the tube hole in the hand hole.

4. The interface between the sub-pipe in the hand hole and the plastic textile network pipe is wrapped with PVC tape to prevent the infiltration of sand.

5. When the optical cable is installed in the man (hand) hole, if there is a supporting plate in the hand hole, the optical cable is fixed on the supporting plate. If there is no supporting plate in the hand hole, the optical cable should be fixed on the expansion bolt. The mouth of the hook is required to be downward.

6. The optical cable should not be bent within 15cm of the outlet hole.

7. Plastic signs are used in each hand hole and on the optical cable and ODF rack in the computer room to show the difference.

8. The optical cable duct and the power duct must be separated by at least 8cm thick concrete or 30cm thick compacted soil layer.

The minimum order quantity of fiber optic cable is 1km. Because the outside diameter needs to be adjusted before producing.
This process will waste dozens of meters of raw material.

Yes. As long as we confirm the Pantone color code, we can produce the sheath color you request.

Yes. We can print company information or logos on fiber optic cables upon request.

Under 100 km, it takes 4-5 days to produce. under 500 km, it takes 7-10 days to produce.

All fiber optic cables will come with a test report. If you encounter any quality problems, we replace them with new ones free of charge.

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If you do not find duct fiber optic cables that can meet your requirements, please contact us as we might have a solution available.

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