Duplex Fiber Optic Cable

Simplex and duplex are two options for the cables in fiber optic network. Simplex and duplex fiber optic cables are both tight-buffered and jacketed with Kevlar strength members. Simplex fiber optic cables, also known as single-strand, have only one fiber. Duplex fiber optic cable consists of two strands of glass or plastic fiber. Both simplex and duplex fiber patch cables are available in single mode and multimode.

If you want to learn more about the differences, you can check simplex vs duplex fiber.

Duplex fiber optic patch cord can be regarded as two simplex cables having their jackets conjoined by a strip of jacket material, some duplex fiber optic jumper cables are with clips on the two fiber optic connectors at each side of the cable to combine the two connectors together. Duplex fiber cable is typically found in a “zipcord” construction format, this cable is most often used for duplex communication between devices that require simultaneous, bi-directional data transfer. Half duplex and full duplex are two types of fiber optic duplex cables that are used in different data transmission applications.

Duplex fiber optic cable enables bidirectional data transfer. It’s a good choice for applications such as telecommunications as well as workstations, Ethernet switches, fiber switches and servers, and backbone ports.

We supply duplex cable for a wide range of applications, including LC connectors and SC connectors as well as plenum and riser rated variations.

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