LC Fiber Cable

Empower Your Network with LC fiber cable for High-Density Applications

  • Small form factor design
  • Pull-proof construction
  • Riser, Plenum, and LSZH cable options
  • 100% tested for insertion loss and back reflection
  • Flexible cable lengths
  • Individual removable dust covers for protection
  • TAA compliant

LC fibre patch lead

LC Fiber Cable

LC fiber cable features Lucent Connectors, which are a type of fiber optic cable connector known for their reliability and impressive performance. This makes them a preferred option for cost-effective high-density connectivity. The products serve the purpose of connecting a fiber optic cable to various optical components. Our LC fiber patch cable is available in duplex and simplex configurations for single mode (OS1/OS2) and multimode (OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/OM5) fiber types. Also, we offer a wide selection of LC-LC, LC-SC, LC-ST, LC-MU, LC-MTRJ, LC-E2000, and LC-FC optical patch cords in various lengths.

OM4 LC-LC fiber patch cable

LC Fiber Cable Multimode Duplex

LC fiber optic patch cable is terminated with ceramic ferrule LC connectors provide high-density connectivity. Available in OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 Multimode in a variety of lengths. LC duplex connectors are joined with a plastic clip, easy to remove in case you need to separate the connectors.

OM2 DX LC-LC fiber patch cable

LC Fiber Jumper Orange OM2

OM2 LC fiber optic patch cable feature durable Small Form Factor (SFF) ceramic ferrule LC connectors and orange jacket. OM2 multimode fiber with a core size of 50 microns and an outer cladding diameter of 125 microns is ideal for fast Ethernet, data centers, and other high-speed data applications.

LC LC Fiber Cables

View all LC to LC duplex fiber patch cables. Singlemode, multimode, OM1-OM4, OS2, OFNP, OFNR, Plenum cables, Indoor/Outdoor patch cables.

LC LC multimode fibre patch cord OM3 duplex

LC-LC Fiber Cable 50 125 OM3 Duplex

50 125 OM3 Duplex LC-LC fiber patch cable is a high-bandwidth cable for 10/40/100G Ethernet links. Terminated with durable Ceramic Ferrule LC connectors, it ensures stable fiber transmission.

OM4 LC-LC fiber patch cable

LC to LC Fiber Jumper OM4 Plenum Rated

OM4 LC to LC fiber jumper with premium optical fiber and ceramic ferrule LC-LC connectors. Strictly tested for performance. Ideal for 10GBase-SR, 40GBase-SR BiDi, SFP+, and QSFP+ interfaces.Backward compatible with OM2 OM3 equipment.

simplex LCUPC-LCUPC fiber patch cable

LC-LC Fiber Cable Plenum Rated

LC-LC fiber patch cable is designed to provide a reliable connection between two LC (Lucent Connector) ports, which are commonly used in fiber optic networks. The LC duplex connectors are small form factor connectors that are commonly used in high-density fiber optic applications.

LC LC multimode fibre patch cord OM3 duplex

LC-LC Fiber Cable 10g Multimode OFNP Rated

10g Multimode LC-LC fiber patch cable is a high-bandwidth cable designed for 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. Terminated with durable ceramic ferrule LC connectors for superior performance.Max 10G distance of 300 m @ 850 nm.

LC LC multimode fibre patch cord OM3 duplex

LC-LC Fiber Jumper Multimode Duplex Plenum Rated

LC to LC fiber jumper with two ceramic ferrule LC connectors at each end provides fast setup without splicing. Ideal for high-speed data transmissions over Fiber Channel networks.

LC SC Fiber Cables

Shop LC to SC fiber cables from Bonelinks, the leading supplier of quality fiber optic cables. Multimode, Singlemode duplex fiber patch cables. OM1-OM4, OS2, OFNP, OFNR, Indoor and Outdoor LC to SC patch cords.

simplex LCUPC-SCUPC fiber patch cord

SC-LC Fiber Jumper Plenum Rated

LC to SC fiber patch cord features LC (Lucent Connector) connector on one end and SC (Subscriber Connector) connector on the other end, allowing for seamless connectivity between two different types of fiber optic devices.

duplex LCUPC-SCUPC fiber patch cord

SC LC Fiber Cable Duplex Single Mode Fiber

Fibre Patch Leads LC To SC Duplex Single Mode Fiber features 9/125 micron fiber and yellow jacket. It enables high-speed data transmissions over Fibre Channel networks, supporting duplex single-mode applications.

OM4 LC-SC fiber patch cord

SC LC Fiber Jumper Multimode Duplex

Our LC SC Multimode Duplex Fibre Patch Leads feature OFNR/LSZH/PVC outer sheaths and come in 62.5/125 (OM1), 50/125 (OM2), Enhanced 50/125 (OM3), and 50/125 (OM4) grade cable options.

LC ST Fiber Cables

Shop all LC to ST fiber optic cables we carry. They are plenum multimode duplex cables across OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OS2, OFNP OFNR. ST-LC Duplex Fiber Patch Cables.

LC to ST Fiber Optic Patch Cable OM3 LC-ST

ST LC Fiber Cable Multimode Duplex

LC ST Multimode Duplex Fibre Patch Leads offer high-speed connections with LC and ST connectors. Rugged, stable, and available in various cable grades for short-distance data transmission.

LC to ST Fiber Optic Patch Cable

ST LC Optic Patch Cable Single Mode Fiber

ST LC Fibre Patch Leads feature superior optical fiber with durable LC and ST connectors. Yellow Jacket. Ideal for 10Gb Ethernet applications, these patch leads support long transmission distances.

Customize LC Patch Cord

for Your Peace of Mind

We go beyond your expectation. Want to make customized fiber optic patch cord? With flexibility and expertise being at the core of our comprehensive product customization service, we have a set of processes and services to meet your special requirements. Based on your need and our extensive experience. You name it, we make it!

Custom Materials & Specifications
For LC Patch Cord

No matter what specification for fiber patch cord, at Bonelinks, You Can Choose Freely For Your Unique Request.

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LC Fiber Cable Price

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duplex LC-LC fiber patch cable

LC Fiber Cable

Compared with other fiber patch cable, LC fiber optic patch cable deliver offer high density across most applications.

LC Fiber Optic Cable

The LC optic patch cable features a small form factor (SFF) connector, making it ideal for high-density applications. With a zirconia ceramic ferrule measuring 1.25mm O.D. and a PC or APC endface, it provides optimum insertion and return loss. Developed by Lucent Technologies in the 1990s, the LC connector replaced the larger SC connector due to its smaller size (only half the footprint). Theres fiber optic devices allow for interfaces between patching panels and network and server equipment and are commonly used in passive applications. They are commonly used with small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers.


LC Fiber Cable at Bonelinks

LC Singlemode & Multimode Optic Patch Cable | Duplex LC Fiber Patch Cables | Duplex LC OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 & OS2 Fibre Network jumpers. Choose from OFNR Riser Rated, OFNP Plenum Rated, Indoor/Outdoor and Bend Insensitive fiber optic patch cables.

Connector (A) (B)LC to LCLC to SCLC to FCLC to STLC to MPO
Length1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m or customized
Fiber CountSimplex, Duplex
Fiber CoreOS1 / OS2 / OM1 / OM2 / OM3 / OM4 / OM5
Jacket CompliancePVC / LSZH / OFNP / Armored

LC Fiber Cable Specification

Single ModeMultimode/
Insertion Loss (IL)dB<0.3IEC 61300-3-4
Return Loss (RL)dB >50>60>30IEC 61300-3-6
EndurancedBIL<0.2IEC 61300-2-2, coupling and uncoupling 500 cycles, clean every 25 cycles
Operating Temperature°C-20 ~ +70/
Storage Temperature°C-20 ~ +70/

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