Waterproof IP65 LC/UPC 2 Cores Tactical Fiber Optic Patch Cable

IP65 waterproof tactical fiber optic patch cable is specifically made for outdoor conditions that are challenging. Its construction involves the use of robust, waterproof materials that safeguard the optical fibers within the cable against moisture, dust, and other environmental elements. The tactical fiber optic patch cable is perfect for dynamic and fast-paced environments, and it can be swiftly deployed in remote or hard-to-reach locations for communication purposes. With its waterproof and robust design, this IP65 waterproof tactical fiber optic patch cable ensures dependable and stable communication even in the harshest conditions.

Outdoor communication base stations located in areas with year-round wet or rainy conditions require waterproof jumper cables with high waterproof ratings and strong mechanical properties to match the standards of major communication equipment manufacturers such as Nokia, Ericsson, Cisco, and Huawei. This ensures stable and reliable signal transmission connections from the BBU/DU to RRU/AAU segment base station communication modules. For this reason, flame-retardant, non-armored field fiber optic cables with good mechanical properties and pre-terminated IP65 waterproof fiber optic connectors are designed to connect optical modules or other equipment ports in different modes of BBU/DU.

The waterproof tactical fiber optic patch cable is made up of IP65 waterproof grade LC fiber optic connectors and non-armored field fiber optic cable. The patch cord is pre-terminated at both ends with waterproof fiber optic connectors. Unlike regular patch cable connectors, the pre-terminated connector on the field cable uses a spiral tail sleeve with a waterproof sealing ring plastic shell. To use the patch cord with communication base station equipment, simply open the waterproof connector cover, insert the connector into the corresponding equipment hole, and tighten the waterproof connector shell with internal threads to secure the equipment end.

The production process of the waterproof IP65 patch cable begins by cutting the field fiber optic cable to the desired length and removing the sub-cable. The outer skin and coating layer are stripped and the bare fiber is inserted into the LC or SC fiber connector filled with fixed glue. The termination of the fiber optic cable and connector is completed through curing, crimping, and grinding. Before the final product is produced, tests are conducted to check for dirt on the end face of the connector, signal transmission through the light, loss value of the patch cord, and 3D test value. If any of the test results are abnormal, the patch cord must be reworked or even re-produced. Once all test parameters meet the standards, the product is packaged and a test report is included for installation and use. The test report allows fiber optic cable users to understand the performance of the finished product and test the entire network transmission rate.


  • Waterproof Rating: The patch cable is rated IP65, which means it is highly resistant to water and dust, making it suitable for use in outdoor environments with wet or rainy conditions.
  • Non-armored Field Fiber Optic Cable: The patch cable is made of non-armored field fiber optic cable, which offers good mechanical properties and flame-retardancy.
  • Pre-terminated: The two ends of the patch cable are pre-terminated with waterproof fiber optic connectors, making it easy to install and use with communication base station equipment.
  • Easy to Install: The tactical waterproof fiber optic patch cable can be easily installed by simply opening the waterproof connector cover, inserting the connector into the equipment hole, and tightening the waterproof connector shell with internal threads.


  • Military and defense: Tactical fiber optic patch cables are used in military and defense applications to provide secure and reliable communication in the field.
  • Industrial and manufacturing: These cables are used in industrial and manufacturing environments where they are exposed to extreme temperatures, high levels of vibration, and harsh chemicals.
  • Outdoor and aerial: The waterproof design of these cables makes them ideal for outdoor and aerial applications, such as telecommunications and broadband networks.
  • Oil and gas: These cables are used in offshore drilling and exploration platforms, as well as onshore oil and gas production facilities.
  • Emergency services: Tactical fiber optic patch cables are used by emergency services, such as police and fire departments, to provide reliable communication in disaster scenarios.

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Connector Type

Connector Endface


Fiber Type

Fiber Cable DIA (mm)

5.0 or 7.0

Operating Wavelength (nm)


Patchcord Fiber Type


Pigtails Color


Cable Jacket


Length (m)

From 0.5 to 50

Output Length (m)

From 0.5 to 50

Installation Temperature Range

-40℃ to 70℃ (-40°F to 158°F )

Operation Temperature Range

-40℃ to 85℃ (-22°F to 185°F )

Storage/Transport Temperature Range

-40℃ to 85℃ (-40°F to 185°F )

Insertion Loss (dB)

Typical Values≤0.3; Max Values≤0.35

Mating (times)


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