OM3 Fiber Patch Cable 10Gb Multimode 50/125 LC LC Indoor Outdoor Duplex

OM3 Fiber 10Gb LC LC Indoor/Outdoor Duplex Patch Cable, designed for high-speed connectivity with Multimode 50/125um optical fiber, capable of supporting 10Gb speeds up to 300 meters. This robust cable is equipped with a flexible, black, weather-resistant jacket suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering protection against water and UV exposure. It features LC fiber connectors with durable ceramic ferrules (please note that duplex clips are not included). Additionally, each fiber breakout point is protected by 18 inches of 2.0 mil furcation tubing.

OM3 Fiber LC LC Patch Cable | 10Gb Indoor/Outdoor Duplex 50/125 Multimode Jumper Cord

Boost your network’s performance with the OM3 LC LC Fiber Patch Cable. This high-speed indoor/outdoor duplex jumper cord supports 10Gb connections up to 300 meters. It’s built with durable materials, resistant to moisture, sunlight, and electrical interference, with a broad operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. Each fiber breakout includes 18 inches of 2.0mm furcation tubing for extra durability. This rugged OM3 fiber cable comes pre-terminated with 1.25mm ceramic ferrule LC connectors, complete with provided clips.

Designed for fast and reliable connections among switches, transceivers, media converters, patch panels, and various 10g fiber optic equipment. It offers full support for fast Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, SFP+, QSFP+, Fiber Channel, VCSELs, and a range of other service provider applications.

Ethernet Over OM3 Multimode Fiber Specifications

Ethernet speeds of 1/10/40/100 Gigabits per second achievable over OM3 Multimode Fiber with modal bandwidths of 1500MHz/km @ 850nm and 2000MHz/km @ 1300nm.

  • Fast Ethernet: Supports distances of up to 2000 meters (100Base-FX).
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet: Provides connectivity up to 550 meters (1000Base-SX), but it requires the use of a mode-conditioning patch cord.
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet: Extends reach up to 300 meters (10GBase-SR).
  • 40 Gigabit Ethernet: Offers two options with distances of up to 100 meters (40GBase-SR4) or 330 meters (QSFP+ eSR4).
  • 100 Gigabit Ethernet: Provides connectivity up to 100 meters (100GBase-SR10).

This cable guarantees dependable and high-speed connections for a wide range of networking applications.

Every Bonelinks fiber optic patch cable undergoes individual testing conducted by qualified technicians, adhering to the ANSI/TIA/EIA-455-171-A-2001 attenuation standards. Test results can be provided upon request. We offer a range of cable lengths, from 0.5 to 300 meters, to cater to your specific needs.

Looking for More Fiber Patch Cables Choices?
Are you looking for more choices in fiber patch cables? Check out our LC Fiber Patch Cables, LC LC Fiber Patch Cables and Multimode Fiber Patch Cables for smooth networking.

If you can’t find the exact cable you’re looking for, you can easily create your custom fiber optic cables. You have the flexibility to select the cable type, length, connectors, modality, strand count, and jacket type, and we will manufacture it according to your specifications.

Rest assured, our prices are competitive, and we have adaptable minimum order quantities (MOQ).

If you need other help, also feel free to reach out to us, and our support team will guide you in discovering the perfect fiber cable solution to meet your requirements.


Indoor/Outdoor OM3 10Gb 50/125 Multimode Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cable / Fiber Jumper Cord

Product Type

Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Cable Type

Male to Male Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Jumpers / Fibre Network Patch Cables


LC to LC Fiber Optic Cable

Polish Type


Connector 1

LC Duplex, 1.25mm form factor connector, ceramic ferrule.

Polish Connector 1

UPC (Ultra Physical Contact)

Connector 2

LC Duplex, 1.25mm form factor connector, ceramic ferrule.

Polish Connector 2

UPC (Ultra Physical Contact)

Max Connector Loss

0.50 dB

Typical Connector Loss

0.30 dB

Typical Return Loss

-25 dB

Core / Cladding

50/125µm – 50 micron diameter fiber core / 125 micron diameter cladding (1 micron is 1 one-millionth/1 meter)

Core Material

Corning Optical Fiber – Corning invented low-loss, high bandwidth, optical fiber and continues to deliver innovative glass solutions for fiber optic cables.

Mode Type

Multimode – Used for high speed fiber optic networking applications in buildings, datacenters, telecommunications, etc, also referred to as MM, MMode


Laser-Optimized Multimode Fiber (LOMMF)


OM3 GbE Laser Optimized Fiber – 1500MHz-km @ 850nm, 2000MHz-km @ 1300nm, Optimized for VCSELS (vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers).

Strand Count

2 Fiber Strands

Jacket Color

Black – This is the standard jacket color for our Indoor/Outdoor fiber optic jumper cords / patch cables.

Jacket Material

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) – Fire-retardant and very flexible for easy installation

Jacket OD

2.0mm Outer Diameter Jacket

UL Rating

OFNR (Optical fiber, nonconductive, riser) – Certified for use in riser, backbone, fiber only applications, riser rated for vertical runs


TAA Compliant

Length Options

0.5-Mtr 1-Mtr 2-Mtr 3-Mtr 4-Mtr 5-Mtr 6-Mtr 7-Mtr 8-Mtr 9-Mtr 10-Mtr 12-Mtr 15-Mtr 20-Mtr 25-Mtr 30-Mtr 35-Mtr 40-Mtr 45-Mtr 50-Mtr 55-Mtr 60-Mtr 65- Mtr 70-Mtr 75-Mtr 80-Mtr 85-Mtr 90-Mtr 95-Mtr 100-Mtr 125-Mtr 150-Mtr 200-Mtr 250-Mtr 300-Mtr

Quality Control

Fully inspected and tested in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA-455-171-A- 2001 attenuation standards by a qualified fiber optic technician.



Storage Temperature

-40° C to + 70° C

Operating Temperature

-20° C to + 70° C

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