What is Armored Fiber Patch Cord?

armored fiber jumper

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Conventional fiber patch cords are prone to wear after a long period of use, which affects the transmission quality. Therefore, armored fiber optic patch cords are beginning to be used by more and more people. In this article, Bonelinks will deliver some basic but important introductions to armored fiber patch cords!

What is Armored Fiber Patch Cord?
Armored fiber patch cord is a kind of optical fiber jumper designed with a layer of stainless steel sleeve to protect the optical fiber. It has the advantages and functions of a standard optical fiber patch cord, but at the same time has the durability of armor. Armored optical fiber patch cord has the characteristics of high tensile, high compressive, high bending, fire-proof, moisture-proof and anti-rodent resistance, and is mainly used in residential areas, outdoor places and computer room buildings, etc.


  • The micro-caliber stainless steel hose is the protective layer closest to the optical fiber, which can prevent damage caused by mechanical force.
  • The fiber optic patch cord contains Kevlar fiber, which has permanent heat resistance and flame retardancy, permanent antistatic properties, acid and alkali resistance, high strength and high wear resistance.
  • High-strength PVC is used as the surface material, which can be flame-retardant, chemical-resistant, and tear-resistant, and it also increases the softness and elasticity of the armored optical fiber patch cord.

armored fiber patch cord

Armored fiber optic patch cords can be divided into interlocking armor and corrugated armor according to the material. Interlocking armor is a kind of aluminum armor, which is spirally wound on the fiber optic patch cord. It is used in indoor and outdoor optical cables. It is durable and resistant to strong pressure and other characteristics.
The corrugated armored optical fiber patch cord is made of longitudinal folds wrapped by steel tape. It is typically applied outdoors to protect against damage from machinery and rodents.
In addition, armored fiber optic patch cords have terminal interface types such as SC, ST, FC, LC, and MU.

Why Use Armored Fiber Patch Cord?
Conventional optical fiber patch cords are vulnerable to damage from animals, environmental wear, weather, and acidic substances during use. They are relatively fragile, and the maintenance and management costs in the later period are relatively high. The armored fiber optic patch cord not only retains all the advantages of the standard fiber optic patch cord, but also adopts a structural design for harsh environments. It is highly adaptable, highly resistant to pressure, and low cost, so it is favored.


  • Micro-caliber stainless steel spiral hose protection, high tensile strength, anti-rodent bite.
  • Working temperature of -45°C~85°C, so it can be used in wide areas.
  • Tougher, less damage to the armored optical fiber jumper during construction, and more convenient during construction.
  • Easy to install and can be used in harsh environments.
  • Sturdy and durable, which can reduce maintenance costs in the future.
  • Prevent damage caused by improper bending.

armored DX OM2 FC-FC anti-rodent patch cord

Where Can Armored Fiber Patch Cord be Used?
Armored patch cords are suitable for complex environments such as building wiring, optical connection of equipment in key computer rooms, field operations, sensor detection, fiber-optic entry, and community backbone network wiring. The stainless steel sheath tube can protect the fiber optic patch cords from being squeezed and prevent rodents from penetrating.
Another application of armored fiber optic patch cords is in data centers, which can provide flexible interconnection for active equipment, passive optical equipment, and cross-connects. Conventional fiber optic patch cords are vulnerable to damage from animals, natural wear, weather, and chemical corrosion during use. They are not only fragile, but also costly in later maintenance and management.

The above is the introduction of the armored fiber optic patch cord. Hope it is useful to you. Bonelinks is a supplier of fiber optic patch cords, we provide various types of fiber optic jumpers. Please contact us if you need.

Echo Huang

Echo Huang is an expert wordsmith and marketing professional at Bonelinks with more than 8 years of experience in high technology businesses – fiber optics, IoT, and telecommunication. She is very glad to share industry knowledge and communicate with others.

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