Mini Span ADSS Aerial Cable

ADSS aerial cable is used as a communication medium in electrical utilities. It’s installed along existing overhead transmission lines and shares the same support structure as electrical cable. All-Dielectric Self-Supporting fiber optic cable ADSS adopts an all-dielectric structure and does not contain any metal materials. It is suitable for all kinds of power lines. Mini span ADSS aerial cable supports transmission of single-mode and multimode.


  • Suitable for use on distribution and high voltage transmission  lines with mini spans or self-supporting installation for telecommunication
  • Aramid yarn is used as the strength member to assure the tensile and strain performance for the mini span
  • FRP as central strength member, non-metallic structure
  • Water-blocking material inside the cable
  • Ripcord for easily stripe and construction


FTTH optical network; Aerial self-supporting construction

Design Properties


Cable Cores


Fiber per Tube


Cable Sheath


Dielectric Strength Member

Steel Wire

Additional Strength Member

Aramid Yarn

Loose Tube Diameter


Drum length

500m,1000m & 2000m(±3%)

Temperature Range



-20℃ to 60℃ (-68°F to 140°F )


-20℃ to 60℃ (-68°F to 140°F )


-30℃ to 60℃ (-86°F to 140°F )

Mechanical Properties


Crush Resistance

Short Term (3000 N/100mm); Long Term (5000 N/100mm)

Min. bending radius

Without Tension (10.0×ODmm); Under Max Tension (20.0×ODmm)

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