Mini Span ADSS Aerial Cable

ADSS aerial cable is used as a communication medium in electrical utilities. It’s installed along existing overhead transmission lines and shares the same support structure as electrical cable. All-Dielectric Self-Supporting fiber optic cable ADSS adopts an all-dielectric structure and does not contain any metal materials. It is suitable for all kinds of power lines. Mini span ADSS aerial cable supports fiber counts of up to 144 optical fibers and transmission of single-mode and multimode.


  • Suitable for use on distribution and high voltage transmission  lines with mini spans or self-supporting installation for telecommunication
  • Aramid yarn is used as the strength member to assure the tensile and strain performance for the mini span
  • FRP as central strength member, non-metallic structure
  • Water-blocking material inside the cable
  • Ripcord for easily stripe and construction


FTTH optical network; Aerial self-supporting construction

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