3U MTP/MPO-LC Patch Panel 288 Fiber 19 Inch Enclosures Chassis

Bonelinks High Density fiber patch panels are ideal for Data Centers and Telecommunication environments, offering pre-populated and tested panels for quick installation and enhanced reliability. These panels support easy connection to LC adapters using Bonelinks’s multi-fiber optical patch cords, and they can be mounted in standard 19 inch or 23 inch racks or cabinets. With a maximum capacity of 288 LC ports, they provide flexibility and scalability. The rack-mount MTP/MPO patch panel is a modular, fully-loaded solution with a maximum capacity of 288 LC fibers (144 Duplex LC) in a 3U design. It comes preloaded with either 12 12/24 fiber LC Duplex MTP/MPO Cassettes or 8 36 fiber LC Duplex MTP/MPO Cassettes, enabling rapid deployment in 10/100G networks.

3U MTP/MPO Patch Panel LC 288 Fiber Fixed Type Loaded with 12 Cassettes

  • UP to 288 Fiber LC Ports in 3U
  • 12 MTP/MPO Cassettes with 12/24 LC
  • 8 MTP/MPO Cassettes with 36 LC
  • 12 MTP/MPO Adapter Plates with 12/24 LC
  • Flexibility to Mix Adapter Plates with Cassettes in Patch Panel
  • SM/OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4 or Customized
  • Standard LGX racks available or customized
  • Flat Front Panel for Optimal Cable Routing
  • Removable Top for Easier Fiber Cable Management
  •  Easily Accessible MPO/MTP Ports for Connection to Trunk Cable
  • Compliant IEC-61754-7, EIA/TIA-604-5 & RoHS
  • Factory terminated and tested
  • MPO/MTP components feature superior optical and mechanical properties


  • Suitable for high-density fiber applications
  • Compared to traditional fiber optic cabling solutions, installation is faster and easier
  • Used with 19 “racks and cabinets
  • Perfect for use in data centers
  • Fiber optic network infrastructure
  • Environments with IDF/MDF space limitations
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