How do Fiber Optic Cables Work? (Text and Video Explanation)

optical fiber work

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How do fiber optic cables work? How does the large-capacity information optical cable transmit at high speed and long distance?

At the transmitting end, the information to be transmitted (such as voice) is first converted into an electrical signal and then transmitted to the laser beam through a laser. The intensity of the light will change with the frequency of the electrical signal, and it will be emitted through an optical fiber. At the receiving end, the detector receives the optical signal and converts it into an electrical signal, and restores the original information after processing.

how do fiber optic cables work

The optical fiber made of glass fiber inside the optical fiber can transmit optical signals to thousands of kilometers away, and combine hundreds of thousands of optical fibers to make an optical cable, which not only improves the strength of the optical fiber, and greatly increased the communication capacity.

The propagation speed of light in different substances is different, so when shooting from one substance to another substance, refraction and reflection will occur at the junction of the two substances, and the angle of the refracted light will change with the angle of the incident light. However, when the angle of the incident light reaches or exceeds a certain angle, the refracted light will disappear, and all the incident light will be reflected back, which is the total reflection of light.

how do fiber optic cables work

The optical signal is transmitted to the endpoint after repeated refraction in the fiber. The optical signal will be scattered or attenuated after repeated refraction, and the optical signal needs to be amplified every 50 kilometers.

how do fiber optic cables work

That’s how fiber optic cables work. Bonelinks is a fiber optic cable supplier in China and provides various fiber optic cable products. Contact us if you have any questions.


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