Aerial Fiber Optic Cable Stranded Non Metallic Double Sheath Cable

GYHTY aerial fiber optic cable is a double PE jacketed outdoor cable with non-metallic reinforced core and armor. The double sheath design structure makes GYHTY stranded cable suitable for overhead and underground direct burial applications in short-distance sections of backbone lines. However, the laminated compact formation structure allows the cable to accommodate only 6 loose sleeves, each loose sleeve accommodates 6 fibers, so the minimum number of GYHTY aerial fiber optic cable cores is 4 and the maximum number of cores is 36.


  • Non-metallic structure for aerial installation
  • Special tube filling compounds ensure the critical protection of fiber
  • Aramid yarn strength member ensures good performance of tensile strength
  • High-strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant
  • Loose tube filling compound
  • Crush resistance and flexibility
  • Good mechanical and temperature performance

Wet environment direct burial; Aerial Hanging

UV resistance, Waterproof; High-temperature resistant

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