ADSS Optical Fiber Cable 24-core

ADSS optical fiber cable is a high-strength overhead suspended fiber optic cable without a metal reinforcement member, relying on its own all-dielectric material and structural support. As a special cable for power systems, it is often installed on power line towers by power companies, and shares the same support structure with high-voltage cables. Standard ADSS aerial fiber optic cable thermal expansion coefficient is small, in the temperature change is very large, the arc of the cable line changes very little, and lightweight, so the track ice load and wind load impact is small.


  • It has amazing mechanical strength, low weight, small diameter, can handle the external load, and is suitable for high loading and unloading cycle
  • It is self-supportive and does not utilize metallic elements that are conductive
  • Its aramid yarn increases the cable’s tensile performance, as well as temperature performance under unfavorable weather
  • Large bandwidth. Many fibers can be bundled in a single cable for a larger capacity
  • No EMI effect (Electro Magnetic Interference)
  • Have immunity to RF interference
  • Cables can be mounted on the existing grid

Power System; backbone network

UV resistance; high and low temp resistance; icing resistance

Optical Characteristics

Cable Cores


Fiber per Tube


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