What is Pre-terminated MPO Optical Fiber Cable?

Pre-terminated MPO optical fiber cable completes the termination and testing of MPO optical fiber connectors and optical cables in the factory, plugs and plays on-site to support rapid deployment in high-density areas.

What is Pre-terminated MPO Optical Fiber Cable?
Pre-terminated MPO optical fiber cable refers to the various forms of optical fiber cable that can be produced after processing the MPO optical fiber connector and optical fiber cable. The pre-terminated MPO optical fiber cable has 2 cores to 24 cores, and the most used is 24 cores. With its compact design concept, pre-terminated MPO fiber optic cable is mostly used in high-density integrated wiring environments.

pre-terminated MPO cable

Pre-terminated MPO Optical Fiber Cable Types
Pre-terminated MPO cable is divided into three types: MPO trunk cable, MPO-LC breakout cable and MPO conversion cable.

  • Pre-terminated MPO Trunk Cable: The pre-terminated trunk optical cable has a traction protection sleeve design, which can effectively prevent the optical cable and optical fiber connector from being damaged during transportation and installation. The pre-terminated optical cable backbone optical cable can reach a tensile force of 450N in the wire groove. It is mainly used in the backbone and horizontal wiring of data centers.
  • Pre-terminated MPO-LC Breakout Cable: Pre-terminated MPO breakout cable MPO-LC is suitable for 12-core MPO to LC duplex connectors. It has an all-metal miniature branch protector, safe and reliable.
  • Pre-terminated MPO Conversion Cable: The pre-terminated MPO conversion cable is terminated with MPO connectors on both ends. Specifically, MPO conversion cables from 24 fibers to 2×12 fibers, 24 fibers to 3×8 fibers, and 2×12 fibers to 3×8 fibers are commonly used. They are especially suitable for 10G-40G, 40G-40G, 40G-100G, and 40G-120G connections, eliminating the waste of optical fibers and greatly improving the flexibility of the MPO cabling system.

The pre-terminated MPO optical cable has the characteristics of high transmission rate, transmission safety, high bandwidth, high density, convenience and simple construction. It can be applied to any integrated cabling project in weak power engineering, such as data center infrastructure physical layer connection, LAN cabling backbone system, building and campus backbone connection.


Advantages of Pre-terminated MPO Optical Fiber Cable

  • High-density wiring, saving space: Takes up less space in the cabinet and allows for better vertical management than traditional cables.
  • Convenient wiring, saving time: 100% factory pre-terminated and tested to ensure transmission performance, quick configuration and networking, reducing on-site installation time.
  • It is more convenient to move or change: It can reduce the inconvenience caused by cable congestion to the management of LAN and storage network centers, making it easier to move or change cables.

MPO Pre-terminated MPO optical cable is a high-density pre-connected optical cable solution for data centers and other high-end optical fiber cabling applications. The modular and plug-in design greatly facilitates the installation and maintenance of the construction personnel on site. The general system polarity and high-end connectors can realize the seamless connection between the optical cable and the equipment, and ensure the high flexibility, compatibility and reliability of the entire optical link.

Bonelinks is a pre-terminated MPO cable supplier, integrating R&D, production, operation and service. Our pre-terminated optical cables can effectively realize high-performance, high-density optical fiber system connections. Customers can design according to actual conditions to meet precise wiring requirements. If you have any need, you can contact us.

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