ADSS Aerial Fiber Optic Cable Suppliers Long Span

ADSS aerial fiber optic cable is non-metallic, tension resistant, and self-supporting, which is designed for power lines and FTTH aerial installation. For its aerial installation, the cable span is mostly considered during setting or updating a cable line. With the span increasing, cable materials, and specifications vary.  Bonelinks is an ADSS aerial fiber optic cable supplier that offers all types of ADSS fiber optic cable and specifications, ranging from optical fiber, cable materials, and spans. All these for the best solution for the communication line in real site.


  • ADSS fiber optic cable is the nonmetallic structure
  • Aramid yarn provides tension-resistant and self-supporting features
  • Single or double sheath supports high insulation and protection for ADSS fibers
  • Small diameter and lightweight, which is easy to construct and economical
  • Long span can meet up over 1000m for ADSS cable
  • Good tensile and temperature performance


FTTH optical network, Aerial self-supporting construction

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