Armoured Fibre Optic Cable Unitube Light Armored Aerial Cable

GYXTW armoured fiber optic cable is one of the most widely used fiber optic cables for outdoor overhead applications. Because the center of the cable is not only wrapped with steel tape to strengthen its stiffness and bending resistance, but also the two parallel metal wire reinforcement members located on both sides of the cable provide strong support for the cable to be suspended over long distances and to support its own weight. Due to the reinforced compact structure design, the maximum number of cores accommodated in GYXTW armored duct fiber optic cable is 2, and the maximum number of cores accommodated is 24.


  • Excellent water-blocking layer, with good impermeability
  • The outer sheath of steel tape is bonded and metal reinforced leading to excellent strain and tension performance
  • PSP improves the moisture penetration resistance performance
  • Excellent ultraviolet prevention with PE sheath
  • Crush resistance and high flexibility for harsh outdoor environment cabling
  • The central design of the beam tube minimizes the impact on the optical fiber
  • Small outer diameter, lightweight, convenient construction
  • Stable fiber excess length control

Secondary; Tertiary aerial trunk network; Poles Connection

UV resistance; Bending resistance; Waterproof

Design Properties

Cable Cores


Fiber per Tube


Cable Sheath


Dielectric Strength Member

Steel Wire

Additional Strength Member

PE Coated Steel Tape

Loose Tube Diameter


Drum length

500m,1000m & 2000m(±3%)

Temperature Range


-40℃ to 70℃ (-40°F to 158°F )


-30℃ to 70℃ (-22°F to 158°F )


-40℃ to 70℃ (-40°F to 158°F )

Mechanical Properties

Crush Resistance

Short Term (100 N/100mm); Long Term (300 N/100mm)

Min. bending radius

Without Tension (10.0×ODmm); Under Max Tension (20.0×ODmm)

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