SMA905 Fiber Optic Connector and High Power Fiber Optic Jumper

SMA905 fiber jumper

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SMA905 fiber optic jumper is a special kind of fiber optic jumper. It uses SMA905 connector. The ferrule of this connector is made of ceramic or metal. Bonelinks’ SMA905 fiber optic connectors are structurally divided into two types: SMA905 (with aramid crimping ring) and HPSMA905 (without aramid crimping ring). Among them, the ferrule end face of HPSMA905 fiber optic connector is divided into grooved and non-grooved, and the tail can choose 3.0mm boot or metal custom tailstock.

1. Specifications of SMA905 Fiber Optic Connector


Item SMA905 HPSMA905
structure with aramid crimping ring without aramid crimping ring
ferrule material ceramics stainless steel cupronickel
type / non-grooved non-grooved grooved
diameter (um) 127-2000 200-2000 220-1000
nut type round or hexagonal round or hexagonal
material nickel-plated copper nickel-plated copper
bare fiber clamp none optional
boot size (mm) 0.9, 2.0, 3.0 3.0 or metal custom tailstock
dust cap type rubber T or metal spiral rubber T or plastic spiral

2. Features and Advantages of SMA905 Fiber Optic Jumper
The connector of SMA905 fiber optic jumper uses high-temperature resistant glue when curing, and its end face is finely ground, with good coupling and high light transmission rate. It uses large core diameter energy fiber. PVC, mini-armored empty pipes, metal hoses and other coverings can be selected according to different applications.

The end face of the HPSMA905 optical fiber connector has grooves to effectively remove epoxy glue and other stains around the optical fiber, and avoid the laser heat from the end face of the optical fiber being directly transferred to the connector, thereby keeping the heat source away from the optical fiber and reducing the risk of the optical fiber being burned possibility, enhance the service life of the optical fiber, and fully meet the needs of high power transmission such as laser welding and cutting.

3. Application of SMA905 Fiber Optic Jumper
Compared with traditional conventional fiber optic jumpers, SMA905 fiber optic jumpers have a wider range of applications. It can not only be used in industrial, medical (such as laser surgery) and military occasions, but also can be used in spectral measurement, projection, mobile phone detection, jewelry probing, etc.

4. SMA905 Fiber Optic Jumper Solution

Bonelinks is proficient in the production process and quality inspection of SMA905 fiber optic jumpers, and the supplied SMA905 fiber optic jumpers comply with multiple standards such as RoHS, TIA and IEC. In addition, we can also provide a full set of SMA905 fiber optic jumper customization services, such as fiber optic connectors, lengths, colors, fiber grades, specifications, materials, etc., to meet customer needs in an all-around way.

  • Advanced testing equipment: Every fiber jumper will be strictly tested. The testing process includes end face test and light transmission rate test, etc.
  • Strict quality control: Each optical fiber jumper will go through a cleaning process to ensure that the end face is free from contamination and ensure excellent product performance.
  • Perfect testing process: We test and record the data of jumpers, and screen unqualified products to ensure 100% high-quality products.

Echo Huang

Echo Huang is an expert wordsmith and marketing professional at Bonelinks with more than 8 years of experience in high technology businesses – fiber optics, IoT, and telecommunication. She is very glad to share industry knowledge and communicate with others.

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