Plug-in PLC Splitter

Plug-in PLC splitter is a commonly used optical splitter in PON networks and is widely used in cable distribution cabinets, optical distribution boxes (ODB), etc. With modular design, port expansion can be achieved by flexibly increasing the number of plug-in optical splitters. Plug-in PLC splitter has strong versatility and is convenient for maintenance and management. Not only can be configured with various types of connectors, such as FC, SC, LC, etc. but also can be flexibly configured with various splitting ratios.

Bonelinks provides 1×4; 1×8; 1×16; 1×32 plug-in PLC splitters. A 1×4 plug-in PLC splitter usually refers to a passive optical communication device that has only one input and four outputs connected, A 1×8 plug-in PLC splitter usually refers to a passive optical communication device that has only one input and eight outputs connected, and so as 1×16; 1×32 plug-in PLC splitter. Plug-in PLC splitters have a built-in package of mini taps with terminated connectors that interact with the outside world through fiber optic adapters at the interface.

All plug-in PLC splitters are tested for bare fiber and empty tubes before production. The built-in steel tube splitter is tested for through-light, end-face and split ratio after pre-terminated connectors. When the finished product is produced, each port is tested for attenuation values and all test reports are attached to each product for performance and as confirmation of Bonelinks’ product quality.


  • Fast installation: Input and output pigtails are easily connected directly to the plug-in PLC splitter.
  • Low space requirement: In the case of low space requirements, the plug-in PLC optical splitter can facilitate FTTx project deployment.
  • Low loss: The interface type is SC/LC, fast and practical.Low insertion loss and low back reflection, low dependent loss.
  • Stable transmission: Uniform light splitting, stable transmission, using high-quality transmission chip.


  • Long-Haul Tele/Data Communications
  • Fiber Optic Equipment and Systems
  • CATV Systems
  • Local Area Network, PON, and FTTH
  • Fiber Sensors

Design Properties

Splitter Type

Plug-in or Card

Splitting Ratio

1×2; 1×4; 1×8; 1×16; 1×32

Connector Type


Operating Wavelength (nm)


Fiber Type


Input Adapter/Fiber


Output Adapter


Dimension (mm)

130×100×25 (1×2; 1×4; 1×8 splitter);
130×100×50 (1×16 splitter);
130×100×76 (1×32 splitter)

Temperature Range


-40℃ to 70℃ (-40°F to 158°F )


-40℃ to 85℃ (-22°F to 185°F )


-40℃ to 85℃ (-40°F to 185°F )

Mechanical Properties

Insertion Loss (dB)

Typical Values≤3.5; Max Values≤3.7(1×2 splitter);
Typical Values≤6.8; Max Values≤7.0(1×4 splitter);
Typical Values≤10; Max Values≤10.4(1×8 splitter);
Typical Values≤13.2; Max Values≤13.5(1×16 splitter);
Typical Values≤16.5; Max Values≤17.0(1×32 splitter)

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