OM3 Fiber Patch Cable

Experience High-Speed with OM3 Patch Cord 50/125 for 10Gb Networks.

  • 50/125 10Gb aqua fiber patch cable, OM3 rated
  • Suitable for high-speed 10Gb network applications
  • Connector types: LC, SC, ST, MPO, FC
  • 100% factory transmission tested per ANSI/TIA-568-C.3 standards
om3 MPO to MPO fiber patch cords

Best Selling OM3 Fiber Patch Cable

Bonelinks offers a variety of premium quality OM3 multimode fiber patch cables with LC, SC, ST, and MTP connectors, perfect for high-speed networks. Our OM3 patch cord 50/125 delivers optimal performance and bandwidth for 10Gb applications. With a 50-micron core and 125-micron cladding, these cables ensure reliable connectivity. Choose from standard, simplex & duplex, and uniboot boot styles in aqua color. We provide various pre-cut lengths and a wide range of terminations/connectors. Our OM3 Multimode Fiber Patch Cables are extensively tested and custom solutions are available upon request.

LC LC multimode fibre patch cord OM3 duplex

LC to LC OM3 patch cable

OM3 SC-SC duplex fibre patch lead

OM3 duplex patch cord

24 MPO breakout OM3 cable

OM3 MPO-LC patch cable

om3 MPO to MPO fiber lead

MPO-MPO OM3 patch lead

OM3 Fiber Patch Cable at Bonelinks

Bonelinks offers a variety of OM3 fiber patch cables. Our products includes LC-LC, SC-LC, SC-SC, and MPO-MPO, MPO-LC, MTP-LC options. Custom options for fiber count, length, polarity, and jacket type are offered.

OM3 Fiber Patch CableLC to LC OM3SC to LC OM3SC to SC OM3MPO to 8MPO OM3MPO to 8LC OM3MTP to 12LC OM3
Fiber TypeOM3OM3OM3OM3OM3OM3
Fiber ModeMultimodeMultimodeMultimodeMultimodeMultimodeMultimode
Data Rate10G / 40G / 100GB10G / 40G / 101GB10G / 40G / 102GB10G / 40G / 103GB10G / 40G / 104GB10G / 40G / 105GB
Fiber CountSimplex / DuplexSimplex / DuplexSimplex / DuplexSimplex / DuplexSimplex / DuplexSimplex / Duplex
Insertion Loss≤0.3dB≤0.3dB≤0.3dB≤0.3dB≤0.3dB≤0.3dB
Return Loss≥30dB≥30dB≥30dB≥30dB≥30dB≥30dB
LengthFrom 0.5m to 10m, or customizedFrom 0.5m to 11m, or customizedFrom 0.5m to 12m, or customizedFrom 0.5m to 13m, or customizedFrom 0.5m to 14m, or customizedFrom 0.5m to 15m, or customized

OM3 Fiber Patch Cable Specification

Fiber TypeCord / Clading (um)Bandwith(MHZ*KM)Distance Limitations
Overfilled Launch (LED Source),850 NMEffective Modal Bandwidth (Laser Source),850 NM10GBASE-SR Distance40GBASE-SR4 Distance100GBASE-SR10 Distance
OM350/12515002000300m / 1000ft100m / 330ft100m / 330ft
Operating Wavelengthnm850850850850850850
Insertion LossTypical (dB)
Max (dB)
Return LossMax (dB)202030303030
ExchangeabilityMax (dB)

OM3 Fiber Patch Cable Price and New Catalogue

LC LC multimode fibre patch cord OM3 duplex

OM3 Fiber Patch Cable

OM3 Fiber Patch Cables for 10Gb Network Applications

OM3 Fiber Patch Cable

OM3 Fiber Patch Cable features an aqua jacket and laser-optimized design for 10Gb/s transmissions. It supports 10 Gigabit local area networks up to 300 meters and also accommodates 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit networks up to 100 meters. With increased transmission distance and tripled data capacity compared to OM2, OM3 is ideal for 10G applications. Our LC, SC, ST connectors offer versatility, while lightweight and durable materials ensure secure information transfer. Experience improved bandwidth and easy high-density deployments with OM3 fiber optic cables.



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