Why is MTP/MPO Cassette Crucial in High-density Wiring?

MTP MPO cassette data center

With the continuous development of networks, 40G networks have become common now, and 100G networks are also widely used. At this time, traditional LC cabling can no longer meet the high-speed and high-density requirements of data centers. In this case, it becomes very important to obtain a higher transmission rate and find a suitable solution for high-density wiring. The emergence of MTP/MPO connection standards and MTP/MPO related products is indeed good news for high-density wiring. For example, it can not only replace 12 or 24 LC connectors at the same time, but also has an MPO/MTP connector. It is therefore the perfect solution for high-performance data transmission. This article will focus on the importance and advantages of MTP/MPO cassettes in high-density wiring environments.

What is MTP/MPO Cassette?
The MTP/MPO cassette occupies a dominant position in the high-density wiring environment. As a high-density pre-terminated optical fiber device, it has the characteristics of flexible deployment and can not only provide conversion between MTP/MPO connectors and LC or SC connectors, help high-density networks to achieve rapid deployment, and can also reduce the installation time and cost of optical networks. In addition, MTP/MPO cassettes are often used in MDA (Main Distribution Area), IDC (Internet Data Center) or EDA (Equipment Distribution Area) for fiber optic backbone connection and wiring management in the distribution area. The MTP/MPO cassette can also be installed in a rack-mounted or wall-mounted enclosure to achieve capacity expansion.

MTP MPO cassette

Why is MTP/MPO Cassette very Important?

  • Simple installation/saving installation time: MTP/MPO cassettes are pre-terminated products, and use a push-pull structure, which is convenient for cable insertion and extraction, and can also eliminate unpredictable terminal failures. It is estimated that the installation time of MPO/MTP cassettes can be reduced by 75% compared with traditional fiber optic cabling systems.
  • Easy to maintain and manage: MTP/MPO cassettes can adapt to the changing wiring environment. Cassette is easier to maintain and manage, and pose fewer safety risks.
  • High density: Since the MTP/MPO connector can accommodate 12/24 core optical fibers, it can provide 12/24 times the density, which can save wiring space while increasing the wiring density.
  • Cost saving: As mentioned above, the MTP/MPO cassette is easy to install and does not require additional installers to install professionally, so it can greatly reduce the installation cost.
  • Scalability: The MTP/MPO cassette adopts a modular design, which can be quickly connected to devices with various rates such as 10G/40G/100G, which is very important for reconfiguration during operation and expansion of the network.

Advantages of MTP/MPO Cassette in High-density Wiring
As the world’s leading provider of optical fiber solutions, the MTP/MPO solutions provided by Bonelinks can help you achieve high-speed, high-reliability networks.

  • High flexibility/cost saving: How to install up to 24 fibers in a high-density cabling environment while maintaining flexibility in a limited space? The MTP/MPO cassette with ultra-high density can save costs and increase the flexibility of the network while realizing high-density ports, so it is a good choice.
  • Suitable for high-density cabling environments: Multiple advantages such as high-density ports, high flexibility, and cost savings make MTP/MPO cassette a perfect solution for high-density cabling environments, especially for ultra-small applications that require flexibility and high fiber counts.

MTPMPO cassette

MTP/MPO cassettes are playing an increasingly important role in optical fiber networks, and have become an ideal solution for telecom networks, WDM applications, data center cabling, and 40G/100G communication network interconnection or cross-connection, especially for special applications that require high density and monitoring, the compact MTP/MPO cassette becomes the best choice! Bonelinks can provide various types of plug-and-play MTP/MPO cassettes. These cassettes have low insertion loss and can ensure the best performance of network connections. Welcome to contact us if you have any needs.

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