GLC-T vs GLC-SX-MM vs GLC-SX-MMD, What is the Difference?

Cisco SFP transceivers

GLC-T, GLC-SX-MM, and GLC-SX-MMD stand out as widely-used SFP transceivers in the market, particularly favored for short-distance tasks within Cisco networking devices. However, many IT managers find themselves puzzled by their specifications.

Are you familiar with their distinctions? What do they have in common? Let’s compare them to help you understand.

What is GLC-T?

GLC-T is often associated with the Cisco 1000BASE-T SFP RJ45 Module. This part number also refers to compatible 1000BASE-T SFP Copper RJ-45 100m Transceivers with similar functions from various third-party vendors.

Its purpose is to enable Gigabit Ethernet connection over Cat5e copper wires. GLC-T facilitates linking ports with the network, ensuring efficient Ethernet networking. It offers a cost-effective solution, enabling gigabit Ethernet speeds through your current infrastructure.

What is GLC-SX-MM?

GLC-SX-MM commonly refers to the Cisco 1000BASE-SX short-wavelength SFP module. It’s also used for compatible 1000BASE-SX SFP transceivers with matching functions from various third-party vendors. This module enables using existing cable infrastructure for distances of up to 550m on 50/125, 220m on 62.5/125, and 1km on 50/125 OM3 fiber cables. It’s a versatile solution for extending network reach.

What is GLC-SX-MMD?

GLC-SX-MMD is a widely used standard Cisco SFP module that can be easily plugged into a Gigabit Ethernet port. It’s an upgraded version of GLC-SX-MM with the added feature of Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) for transceiver status monitoring. These transceivers work over multimode fiber (MMF) and can extend connections up to 550 meters.

With Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) function, users can monitor the transceiver module’s parameters in real-time like optical input and output power, temperature, and so on.

GLC-T, GLC-SX-MM vs GLC-SX-MMD Comparison, What is the difference and similarity?

Now let us make a comparison of the specifications and compatibility, this will help you choose right models depends on your application.
GLC-T vs. GLC-SX-MM vs. GLC-SX-MMD Comparison

Looking at the figure provided, we can see that the GLC-T, GLC-SX-MM, and GLC-SX-MMD share similarities in terms of their form factor, compatibility, data rate, working temperature, and weight.

The primary distinctions lie in their media types, transmission distances, power consumption, and Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) capabilities.

GLC-T, GLC-SX-MM vs GLC-SX-MMD, How to Choose?

When considering the purchase of a new SFP transceiver, it’s important to gather information about your existing networking device, desired link distance, and budget. This will help you make an informed decision on the best option for your needs.

GLC-T is a standard 1000Base-T SFP module suitable for legacy copper networking. It works with Cat5 cables for distances up to 100m. However, it cannot be used for fiber networking as it lacks support for fiber cables.

The GLC-SX-MM is an older 1000BASE-SX SFP transceiver without Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) function. It supports multimode fiber and offers longer distances than GLC-T. Due to the absence of DOM function, it’s not in line with the trend of intelligent optical modules. As a result, it’s at the end of its product life and has been upgraded to the GLC-SX-MMD, which features DOM functionality.

The GLC-SX-MMD is the upgraded version and is the most popular multimode 1G SFP transceiver for affordable fiber networking. It combines the advantages of GLC-T and GLC-SX-MM, making it a cost-effective choice in the market.

Final Words

Please be aware that the information provided above is intended for reference purposes. If you are looking for genuine SFP transceivers, we recommend purchasing them directly from Cisco or their authorized distributors.

However, if you’re aiming for a more budget-conscious approach without compromising on quality, consider exploring third-party compatible SFP transceivers from reputable suppliers like Bonelinks. You might find a pleasant balance between price and performance.

Bonelinks offers third-party SFP transceivers that are fully compatible with GLC-T, GLC-SX-MM, and GLC-SX-MMD models. These options provide excellent quality at competitive prices.

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