SC Fiber Patch Cord

SC Fiber Patch Cable: A Reliable Connection for Your Fiber Optic Network

The SC Fiber Patch Cord is designed with an SC connector that features a ferrule diameter of 2.5mm, making it twice the size of the LC connector. It’s also known as the Large Square Head Fiber Optic Patch Cable. The fiber optic jumper adopts a simple plug-and-play push-pull design, which ensures excellent performance. This type of cable is perfect for telecommunications and data network systems, including point-to-point passive optical networks (PON).

This type of patch cord is used to connect two devices, such as switches, routers, or patch panels, in a fiber optic network. The SC connector is a popular choice for both single-mode and multimode fiber applications. The core of the cable is made from optical fiber, protected by a cladding layer and covered by a protective jacket. The core and cladding layers are made from glass or plastic, while the jacket is typically made from PVC or LSZH material.

The SC connector at each end of the patch cord uses a secure snap-in mechanism for a reliable connection. The low profile design of the connector makes it ideal for high-density fiber optic installations, as well as being user-friendly.

There are various lengths and core sizes available for the SC fiber patch cord, allowing you to choose the right cord for your specific needs. They come in both single-mode and multimode options and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

In conclusion, the SC fiber patch cord is a crucial component in any fiber optic network. It provides a fast, secure, and reliable connection between devices, making it a cost-effective solution for data transmission.

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