Smart building network framework solution is to build stable commonly basic foundation frame realizing all building’s systems integration. When a building can achieve ip equipment immigrate from ip network,  companies network merge, interconnect facilities and real-time data access, increased wireless technology usage and continuous attention to the environment and energy efficiency, building owners and proprietors will gain benefit from integrated comfort and efficiency.

Family wifi construction is to build access points at home by spreading wireless telecommunication signals allowing users at a certain scope to log in the internet. The first step introducing network to the home is to lay outdoor cable from base station to console near users house or building. Fiber optical distribution box will be set up at the stairs or each floor. Drop cable will be used to connect ABS splitters to end home’s wifi router or wifi extenders.

Data center cabling system implement standard are base on EN 50600-x  standard series to complete whole telecom cabling infrastructure, especially at access points immigration and increased. Data center cabling system can be divided into point to point cabling and fixed cabling. Point to point cabling is the most economical and simple connection way, which just can be used at two close cabinets or patch panels. As for fixed cabling, remote central position will be set up to control servers constructing by fiber optic patch cables. ZPL can be connected with CPL by cables for flexible network management.