Bonelinks fiber optics patch cords are designed to realize simplex or duplex multimode fiber’s interactive connections. Fiber optical patch cords can be spliced to add its length and broken fiber connection, which are mainly used at patch panel’s connection and patch panel’s connections with outer exchangers. Uni-boots can be adopted at optical patch cable structure for easily pulling or pushing construction. The patch cable supports network speed updating transmission and transportation area signal transfer. Simplex or duplex fiber cable adopt loose tube structure, there are OFNP, OFNR and LSZH jacket for chosen.


  • High quality precise ceramic ferrule and branded fibers
  • Central polishing for low insertion and high return loss
  • 100% factory test and 3D test
  • Cable jacket meet fire rating IEC61304, IEC60754-1, IEC60332-3C, IEC6074-2
  • Single PE bag package and carton box package
  • Customized fiber optical patch cords length
  • OFNP,OFNR, and LSZH cable sheath

Fiber Patch Cords Mechanical Parameters

Insertion Loss
Return Loss>=25 dB>=50 dB (UPC), >==-55 dB (APC)
Durability800 Matings800 Matings
Cable Retention>20lbs / 89 N>20lbs / 89 N
Static Bending Radius10D10D
Dynamic  Bending Radius20D20D
Operating Temperature-40° C to 75° C-40° C to 75° C
Installation Temperature-5° C to 45° C-5° C to 45° C
PackageSingle PE Bag Package

Optical Fiber Performance

Fiber TypeFiber Diameter(μm)Bandwidth(MHz.KM)Operating Wavelength(nm)Max Fiber Attenuation (dB/KM)

Over 8 years focus on fiber optical patch cable manufacture foster Bonelinks own full range independent production from indoor cable to LC connector plastic module to 10 gigabit and 100 gigabit MTP patch cable. Bonelinks cable is designed to exceed performance requirements and covered by comprehensive warranty from fibers, aramid yarn and outer sheath. All Bonelinks fiber optical products physical performance will be covered to provide lifetime warranty usage and free replacement for broken. Fibre patch cable’s connector components, fibers, and outer sheath meet IEC6317 covering full lifetime warranty also.

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